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BDO Network Bank continues to support MSMEs in Casiguran, Aurora post-typhoon

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The expansion of BDO Network Bank in Casiguran, Aurora last November provided micro-businesses in the area an opportunity to bounce back through access to more financial resources.

After coping with the effects of the pandemic, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) faced another challenge when Super Typhoon Karding brought severe damage to Aurora province, especially in the town of Casiguran, a coastal municipality.

Various government agencies and private sectors, including BDO Network Bank (BDONB), the community bank of BDO, responded to the needs of MSMEs.

BDO NETWORK BANK president Jesus Antonio S. Itchon explains the role of community bank in the recovery of micro-businesses in Casiguran.

In an interview with BDO Network Bank president Jesus Antonio “Tonet” Itchon on Net 25’s Ano Sa Palagay N’yo (ASPN) program, he shared how BDONB Kabuhayan Loan or MSME loan is helping micro-entrepreneurs in the recovery of their business.

In addition to access to extra funding, MSMEs in Casiguran were able to save and ensure the safety of their monthly income through BDONB Savings Account/Current Account.

Furthermore, the presence of BDONB also enabled micro-entrepreneurs to easily access cash for their daily operating expenses like payment for rental fees, utilities, and even the salaries of their employees.

CASIGURAN, AURORA. Mercedita Morillo’s sari-sari store is now back in its pre-pandemic state through the help of BDO Network Bank Kabuhayan Loan. The extra funding enabled her to increase stock inventory and continue business operation which was affected by the pandemic and the onslaught of Super Typhoon Karding.

Tonet explained that BDO Network Bank opens branches in remote areas like Casiguran to reach and offer financial products to communities who need them most.

BDO Network Bank Kabuhayan Loan or MSME loan is a financial solution for micro-entrepreneurs needing extra funding for the recovery and growth of their businesses.

Micro-entrepreneurs may apply for a loan ranging from PHP30,000 to PHP500,000 without collateral. Payment is made easy and affordable with its 12 to 24-monthly installment terms.

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