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Cheil Worldwide expands amidst MENA’s emerging markets with new Maghreb office

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Creative agency Cheil Worldwide announced the establishment of its Maghreb Office in northwest Africa with plans to further expand its business in the emerging Middle Eastern and African markets (MEA).

The Maghreb office, located in Casablanca, Morocco, is Cheil Worldwide’s 10th hub in the MEA region. Since establishing its first MEA hub in Dubai in 1996, Cheil Worldwide has expanded its network to nine different countries in the region, including Turkiye, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt. Together with the Egyptian Office that was established two years ago, the opening of the Maghreb office is expected to strengthen the network in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

Cheil Worldwide established a base in Maghreb to meet advertisers’ increased demand for digital marketing solutions including D2C((Direct to Consumer) and performance marketing, all of which directly correlate to revenue and sales. The advertising markets in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia are relatively small, valuing in at $2.2 billion in 2021. However, with the explosive growth in the population of Internet users in the Maghreb area, the digital advertising market has seen a significant increase in value, showing a significant growth rate compared to the global average.


The Maghreb office officially started its operations last month, currently focusing on retail and digital services with plans to expand to Tunisia and Algeria in the future.

“We plan to provide advertisers with optimal digital solutions such as platforms, e-commerce, and digital media in each region by leveraging our Middle Eastern network, which now includes our newly established Maghreb office,” said Jung Yoo-seok, Executive Director of Cheil Worldwide.

Meanwhile, with the establishment of the Maghreb corporation, Cheil Worldwide’s overseas network has expanded to 54 locations (corporations, Office, etc.) in 46 countries.

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