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Lionsgate Play introduces new prismatic logo and brand identity

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — With its roar of success echoing louder than ever, global entertainment brand Lionsgate Play has unveiled its revamped brand identity across South Asian markets, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India. Inspired by the concept of a prism, the platform’s new logo reveals multiple perspectives, conveying the diverse narratives of Lionsgate Play and its multifaceted approach to storytelling. The prismatic concept allows for a fluid transition in and out of the brand’s new hero color: teal, maintaining the cinematic appeal and highlighting a bold new endeavor. Aligned with its refreshed identity, Lionsgate Play will continue strengthening its connection with the viewers and offering a seamless entertainment experience that they can trust. 

As a brand that believes in standing up for what is right and taking the road less traveled to attain its goals, Lionsgate Play is fearlessly committed to its core values of being relentlessly brave, innately inclusive, purposely provocative, creatively empowering, and authentically engaging. The brand’s voice is not just what they say, but how they say it, which is consistent, cohesive, recognizable, and unique, enabling them to communicate and connect with its audience, fostering trust and familiarity. Along with its revamped identity, Lionsgate Play will also focus on bringing forth an advanced user interface, enhancing the consumer experience with seamless navigation, faster app loading time, and an overall increase in stability promising a polished look and feel when streaming content. 

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Rohit Jain, President of Lionsgate Play Asia, said, “As a brand, Lionsgate Play not only provides opportunities for a range of voices to be expressed, but it seeks to present characters with complexity and depth. The new identity represents innovation, energy, and excitement; the perfect embodiment of all that we aim to achieve for the brand. Through this refreshed identity, our goal is to provide premium content that is consistent, original, and bold. We hope our efforts appeal to the viewers and showcase the true essence of what Lionsgate Play is about.”  

Amit Dhanuka, Executive Vice President of Lionsgate, concluded, “Lionsgate Play is a global entertainment brand offering premium content at a fair price. We tell stories that embrace unique perspectives and broaden the horizons of our viewers. As Lionsgate Play continues to strengthen its presence across South Asia, our new brand identity will stand testament to presenting bold, diverse, and captivating narratives that resonate with audiences.  The brand refresh reflects the brand’s core values – relentlessly brave, innately inclusive, purposely proactive, creatively empowering, and authentically engaging. It is multifaceted in its approach to storytelling, and this is where we draw our inspiration, providing audiences with the best viewing experience.”

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