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The Secret Little Agency honors FairPrice Group’s commitment to Singaporeans

SINGAPORE — Over many decades, FairPrice Group has been an iconic staple of Singapore’s homes, through both good and difficult times. As Singapore faces its highest rate of inflation in 14 years, FairPrice Group has rolled out a new campaign entitled “Always, FairPrice,” an ode to remind all of the brand’s commitment and dedication to serving the nation over the 50 years of its existence. 

The integrated campaign, developed in partnership with The Secret Little Agency, lives across social, digital, out-of-home, and in-store touchpoints. A key component of the campaign is a set of films that delve into the lives of the people behind FairPrice, starring real employees and staffers across grocery, logistics, and even those front-of-house in Kopitiam. The films, featuring a nationwide social game, quizzes Singaporeans on the behind-the-scenes of FairPrice Group and pays homage to the many faces that work tirelessly since its founding in 1973 to bring its products and services to life.  

Alvin Neo, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer of FairPrice Group, said, “This is a momentous occasion, 50 years of continued dedication to providing for the nation through thick and thin. It is a time to not only celebrate our history but importantly to honor all the people who’ve made it happen. This campaign is our love letter to all in Singapore; that we are here to serve our nation always by the moderating cost of living to keep essentials within reach and readily available.” 


“We wanted to bring all the hard work and people who were behind-the-scenes, to the front in a fun, unexpected way. We shot our films to be both a documentary and a game so that we could engage with Singaporeans from all walks of life across all parts of the robust FairPrice organization from our fresh experts right to our coffee uncle,” said Mavis Neo and Nicholas Ye, Chief Creative Officers at The Secret Little Agency


Client: FairPrice Group 

Campaign: Always, FairPrice 

Agency: The Secret Little Agency   

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