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Recruitment platform Borderless PH launched by Aya Montebon and Tony Harris

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — A new recruitment platform called Borderless PH has been launched by two industry veterans and former colleagues – Aya Montebon and Tony Harris. It has been created to change the way the marketing, communication and IT industries can consider filling their employment
opportunities, particularly when there has been such a turn towards more project-based work.

Borderless PH will recruit full time, freelance and virtual workers to fill positions both here in the Philippines, and abroad working remotely. The crucial difference that Borderless PH can provide is that they take care of the pain points such as accreditation, recruitment, payment, administration, health benefits and government compliance so that a client can access the talent they want and require much more easily.

Borderless PH have also introduced a process that is secure and flexible enough to be built around specific requirements wherever the project may be based. There is rigorous vetting and detailed security protocols that can provide reassurance that only the very best candidates will be provided.


Already, they have filled employment opportunities for IT specialists, account managers, creatives, designers, administrative assistants, producers and accounting staff. This has come from the increasing demand to scale at speed in a project-centric environment. Borderless PH are able to act with agility to help fulfil all manner of roles and requirements.

Studies have shown that poor hiring can be costly for any enterprise so it is important that the opportunity and fit is right. Hence, Borderless PH is positioned as a proactive intermediary to minimize risk for all parties.

For offshore workers, Borderless PH can take on the position of Employer of Record (EOR) which enables smooth transactions and regular check-ins.

However, the Borderless PH operation is even more exciting for freelancers, because they are able to offer affordable health benefits, accounting advice and most importantly, a secure payment process. Naturally, this creates a more attractive package for any freelance worker, who is often left feeling more isolated from the working community and alleviates their burden of constant administration.

Aya and Tony had worked previously together at BBDO Guerrero and bring a considerable amount of not just Marketing Communications expertise but also experience across the spectrum of workforce development. Aya is the head of Siegen Solutions, a Philippine based recruitment firm for BPO and Technology. It was awarded in 2023 as the Number 1 Best Place To Work in the Philippines.

Tony, meanwhile has worked across the region as an Agency head but is now the Chairman of the Engage Group, a UK based data analytics company that specializes in maximizing ROI through employee engagement. He is also a business and leadership mentor for his own consultancy, Stray Rhino.

Aya said, “Borderless PH has been founded with the express aim of expanding work options for Filipinos by offering a platform where professionals can work full-time for overseas companies without having to leave their families. Additionally, our platform provides opportunities for Filipino freelancers to collaborate with large, global organizations. Our focus is, therefore, solely on talent and fit, irrespective of location, ethnicity, or circumstances.”

She continued, “We want Borderless PH to change the face of remote and freelance recruitment for both sides of the employment equation by removing barriers and pain points to effective and efficient working relationships.”

Tony also added, “The time is right for Borderless PH. The Philippines is uniquely geared to meet the world’s new desire for flexible working methods particularly with the need to be able to scale at speed. There are excellent standards of English and other business languages and crucially a concerted drive from candidates for upskilling in AI and machine learning.”

He concludes, “When you combine our friction-free methodology with a highly trained candidate base, the result is a perfect working environment, where everybody can benefit.”

You can find out more at and they are already open to taking on assignments, projects and candidates. For more information about Borderless PH and how we can help supply the best resource for your business please contact If you’re interested in us helping you find employment opportunities please go to

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