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​​Filipino Pop artist Sean Go returns to Secret Fresh Gallery with new exhibit

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Filipino pop artist Sean Go is running his latest art exhibition, “Victory Road,” at Secret Fresh Gallery on June 02 until June 14, marking his homecoming exhibit after a year of studies at Parsons Paris and his second solo show at Secret Fresh Gallery, following the successful “Fallacies of Fantasy” in June 2023.

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“Victory Road” features a vibrant visual exploration of triumph, perseverance, and the resilience of the human spirit. The artist’s signature pop aesthetic will be on full display, marrying bold colors, playful imagery, and his unique brand of pop culture appropriation. The exhibit title “Victory Road” evokes a specific childhood memory: the final route in the Pokemon games, before facing the Elite Four and conquering the Pokémon world.

Just hearing the phrase ‘Victory Road’ gives me the chills,” said Sean. “I remember stocking up on revives, max repels, and ultra potions, preparing for the ultimate test.”


The exhibit delves into these iconic memories and transcends mere nostalgia. It serves as a metaphor for life’s journey, remembering that every person has a unique “Victory Road” to complete, however different, but all beautiful in their own ways.

“What an apt metaphor for life, right?” Sean asked. “This exhibit is about celebrating our shared experiences and the unique paths we take.”

Victory Road, presented in collaboration with Derek Flores of DF Art Agency and Bigboy Cheng of Secret Fresh Gallery, will be on view from June 02 to June 14 at Secret Fresh Gallery located G/F RONAC Art Center, Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, Manila.

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