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Savonille Skincare Essentials combines self-care and science for sensitive skin

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In a tropical country like the Philippines, skin sensitivity to heat and humidity is rising. Balms, ointments, and lotions can feel sticky under the hot sun, and powders can easily be melted away by sweat. Given this, local skin care brand SAVONILLE Skincare Essentials was launched specifically to address common skin issues such as sun damage, irritation, redness, itching, and hyperpigmentation in fuss-free bar soaps that double as lavish products to pamper yourself with.

Skin solutions meet self-care

SAVONILLE aims to highlight the science that goes on behind the products’ formula and inform consumers about the ingredients that go into them. Through this approach, the brand is able to build trust with the consumers and be transparent about how the products are made.


“We get to offer consumers a way to enjoy their self-care time without having to worry about skin-irritating ingredients that other brands may have in their products,” the brand shared in an exclusive interview with adobo Magazine. “Part of pampering and caring for oneself is having a comforting experience that makes you feel good. SAVONILLE brings in products that smell good and are good for the skin.” 

The brand explained that the products are formulated with high-quality fragrances from the South of France and Spain in low percentages to refresh your senses as a pampering experience while taking care of your skin. The brand’s name itself, “SAVONILLE,” is a portmanteau of the French word “savon,” which means “soap,” and “Manille” for Manila. This name boldly represents the local brand’s European influences, including some of the ingredients present in its products.

A fresh start to skin-loving soap

SAVONILLE came to life when its founder was in search of a body bar that worked for sensitive skin while still offering the benefits of having brighter, softer skin. After months of researching, consulting, and collaborating with skin care experts, SAVONILLE was launched and its flagship products were introduced: the Brightening Bar Soaps. 

It is this same vision that Optimity Corp. — the new brand owner of SAVONILLE Skincare Essentials — continues to pursue. Made only of the highest quality ingredients, the current array of SAVONILLE’s skin-loving products is a combination of improved versions of classic favorites and new innovative formulations that are dermatologically and clinically tested to be safe and effective for sensitive skin. It is the same brand loved by many, free of common skin-irritants and allergens such as sulfates and parabens. SAVONILLE products deliver the promise to brighten and treat hyperpigmentation in the most gentle way, all the while keeping them cruelty-free and vegan.

A step further for SAVONILLE and Optimity Corp.

Health, wellness, and sustainability company Optimity Corp. made the bold move to acquire SAVONILLE from its founder. Optimity has been continuing the original products of SAVONILLE such as the Brightening Bar Soaps while bringing new goods to the table. The brand has enhanced the formulas of the products and went through meticulous clinical tests to make sure these are all safe for sensitive skin. All products are also FDA-approved for the peace of mind of its users. 

SAVONILLE also has a growing following on social media, and it was a great opportunity for the brand to expand through Optimity Corp. This growth started with the brand’s ecommerce platforms then expanded to multiple retail stores including The Marketplace, Shopwise, Robinsons Department Store, LOOK At Me, and AllGreen, to name a few. The brand currently has 71 points of sale both online and offline.

The star ingredient for sensitive skin

Staying true to its advocacy of providing quality products to people, SAVONILLE’s soaps, lotions, and sanitizers are carefully formulated to be safe for sensitive skin. The brand puts the spotlight on its star ingredient, licorice root extract, which is a safe and effective yet gentle alternative to harsh ingredients for treating hyperpigmentation. It contains anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and brightening properties, and it’s a commonly used ingredient in treating skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis and eczema. 

Licorice root extract also helps stimulate collagen production, improve hydration, and reduce redness and inflammation especially for those with atopic dermatitis and eczema. It’s also a holy grail ingredient for treating hyperpigmentation as it targets patches of melanin and disperses it, resulting in even-looking skin. Through this thorough use of natural ingredients, SAVONILLE aims to be known as a safe and accessible skin care brand that values the science behind each formulation. 

What’s next for SAVONILLE

With the need for effective and gentle products for sensitive skin and other skin issues, SAVONILLE shared that the brand definitely has plans of expanding its product line while maintaining its priority for creating formulas that are safe for sensitive skin. The brand shared that this goal is already underway so we can expect great things from SAVONILLE soon!

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