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The Crowbar Awards returns, takes inspiration from the next generation of change-makers with ‘X The Multiplier’ theme

SINGAPORE — The creative world is set to ignite with unparalleled brilliance as the Crowbar Awards returns in 2023 as part of the illustrious Singapore AdMarCom Festival. Joining forces with Singapore Media & Marketing Awards (SMMA) and the Creative Circle (GONG) Award, this festival promises to set new standards in celebrating creativity and innovation in the industry.

What sets the Crowbar Awards apart is its unwavering commitment to recognizing and elevating emerging talents of students in tertiary institutions around the world. Aspiring artists, designers, advertisers, and innovators are invited to showcase their extraordinary abilities on a stage that encompasses not only Singapore, but also international participants. This year’s theme, “X The Multiplier,” captures the imagination of today’s youth who will shape the future as the next change-makers. No other creative award show will X (multiply) your exposure, opportunities, and fame like this one.

The Singapore AdMarComm Festival is designed to provide a platform that magnifies students’ creative brilliance. By collaborating with SMMA and GONG, the festival offers unparalleled visibility for the participants, with the events occurring concurrently at the same venue, ensuring the spotlight shines brightly on their work.

Benson Toh

The Crowbar Awards is open to international students, extending its reach beyond borders and embracing diversity, enriching the creative landscape with ideas from across the globe. For international participants, the Crowbar Awards serves as a gateway to the heart of Singapore’s creative community, fostering collaboration and cross-cultural exchange.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Singapore Admarcom Festival, creating a powerful platform that celebrates the boundless creativity of the next generation,” said Benson Toh, Executive Creative Director of Tribal Worldwide and Chairperson of Crowbar Awards 2023.

Gwee Wei Ling

“The Crowbar Awards is not only about recognition but also serves as a bridge, connecting young talents to industry professionals, mentors, and potential employers, providing an unparalleled opportunity for growth and exposure,” said Gwee Wei Ling, Creative Director of Tribal Worldwide and Co-Chairperson of Crowbar Awards 2023.

The final submission deadline for the Crowbar Awards is on August 25. It is time for students to unleash their creative power and make their mark on the world stage. For more information on the Crowbar Awards 2023 and to submit entries, click here.

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