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Havas Indonesia announces Sanchar Roy as Head of Digital, amongst other strategic appointments

JAKARTA, INDONESIA — Havas Indonesia has made strategic additions to its team in order to enhance its digital capabilities and fuel market growth.

Sanchar Roy has been appointed as Head of Digital, leveraging his expertise to spearhead the agency’s digital initiatives. Nancy Firdaus has joined as the new Head of Digital Business Solution, bringing her valuable insights and experience to the table. Additionally, Rizki Darmawan has been appointed as the Head of Content for Socialyse Indonesia, further strengthening the agency’s content capabilities.

These key appointments signify Havas Indonesia’s commitment to staying ahead in the digital landscape. With the combined talents and expertise of these new team members, the agency is well- equipped to deliver impactful and successful digital campaigns for its clients.


Sanchar Roy joins Havas Indonesia with a strong background in data analysis, content marketing and paid advertising. As Head of Digital, his primary objective is to propel the agency’s digital growth by guiding clients in effectively harnessing and navigating digital channels to accomplish their marketing and business goals.

Meanwhile, Nancy Firdaus brings a wealth of experience in spearheading digital media strategies, specializing in the creation of impactful digital strategies that deliver tangible results and foster business growth. As the newly appointed Head of Digital Business Solutions, her primary responsibilities include overseeing new business development initiatives and managing client relationships.

As the new Head of Content for Socialyse, Rizki Darmawan will help to drive Socialyse’ integrated strategic capabilities, develop strong content strategies for clients to build engagement and deliver business results. Rizki brings a wealth of experience from reputable advertising agencies, and his outstanding achievements have garnered recognition on diverse award platforms, thus showcasing his expertise.

Speaking about the new appointments, Havas Indonesia CEO Satyajit Sen commented “At Havas Indonesia, we strongly believe in the continuous upskilling of our team, to adapt to the rapid digital acceleration in our industry. In addition to empowering our existing team members with the latest knowledge and tools, we have also strategically made new hires who bring fresh perspectives and expertise to the table. By combining the experience and skills of our current team with the insights and capabilities of our new members, we cultivate a dynamic and agile workforce that excels in navigating the ever-changing digital landscape.”

He further emphasized, “This collective expertise allows us not only to meet our clients’ expectations but to consistently surpass them, resulting in tangible and impactful business outcomes in the fast- paced realm of digital marketing. Additionally, our strong local talent pool is further reinforced by the exceptional e-commerce and performance support from our regional Centre of Excellence, amplifying our capabilities in delivering top-notch results for our clients.”

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