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We Fly With Her: Philippine Airlines keeps going further, with nine all-female-crew flights in a week

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Philippine Airlines (PAL) has always been a pioneer in inclusivity in aviation, having trained and flown the very first female pilot in Southeast Asia. Today’s 60 female pilots on the company’s roster have all been inspired by this historic first. Now, they inspire future generations through PAL’s “We Fly With Her” campaign, which tells the stories of incredible female pilots and captains and encourages passengers through the largest number of all-female flight crews in a week.

“This takes me back to 1992, when I was part of the first all-female flight crew in the Philippines, which proved women could excel in every aspect of this demanding field,” Captain Aimee Carandang Gloria, the first female pilot in Southeast Asia, said at an event celebrating PAL’s female pilots.

“When I stand before you today, I see not just pilots but future leaders who will continue to inspire generations to come,” Captain Carandang Gloria added during her speech at the event, which was attended by other powerful women, including Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, Andi Manzano-Reyes, Camille Prats, and young girls.


These women and children were also inspired by videos and interactive experiences featuring iconic captains Rona Guevarra, Lavina Ramnani, Samantha Bachini, and Yvonne Sunga — who, with an all-female crew — flew some of the first OFWs home during the pandemic. 

They learned so much more at an adobo Magazine x Bea Fabregas roundtable, where PAL women, including Captain Lilybeth Ng, AVP for Pilot Affairs and Flight Operations, shared their insights and experiences of inclusivity and progress in aviation.

They also joined the historic March 04 and March 06 flights that went to LA, San Francisco, Sydney, Hanoi, Jakarta, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, and Tagbilaran to experience inspiration by literally flying with her.

Every moment simply celebrated and encouraged women, as PAL always has and always will. With a strong progressive, female-inclusive company culture, there will be many more milestones to look forward to from our flag carrier. PAL continues to fly women higher, and as a result, they and every Filipino will keep going further.

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