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A tale as old as time, told in a new way by Publicis JimenezBasic

MANILA – Love moves people in the most unexpected ways.

We watch this happen in Publicis JimenezBasic’s latest film for Globe to help promote Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

The film begins with a typical day in the life of this lonely, old man. His whole outlook changes when he receives a special invitation to a dance. The audience then gets a glimpse of his glory days in between moments of him working hard to prepare for the big event.


Just like the Disney classic, we see a transformation fuelled by love. The old man goes against all odds, physical and emotional, to learn how to dance again. In the end, we discover the surprising reason for him doing so. Watch the video to see what it is:

With this film, Publicis JimenezBasic and Globe remind people of the power that love holds. During this time when world acts because of hate, we are inspired to do things out of love.

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