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You don’t need a degree in empathy, ‘you already care’ says AIC and The Secret Little Agency

SINGAPORE — A recent Randstad survey conducted in 2022 found that 44% of Singaporeans were willing to accept a job with lower pay if it contributed to society. Notably, mature workers showed an even greater inclination, with 47% of those aged 45 to 54 indicating their readiness for such opportunities. Recognizing this shift, Singapore’s Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) seized the moment to revamp their community care roles, to meet the demands of mature workers and ITE students who found renewed motivation in pursuing meaningful, impactful work.

However, according to an AIC survey, various perceived barriers continue to deter potential candidates from applying, with the most common misconception being that specific skills and aptitudes are necessary for a career in community care, leading to people feeling inadequate for the job.

This could not be further from the truth. Developed in partnership with The Secret Little Agency, AIC launched a refreshing campaign to shed light on the one universal requirement a career in community care needs.


You Already Care was created with the aim of demystifying misconceptions surrounding community care jobs and reiterating to Singaporeans the simple truth behind the qualifications necessary to work in community care – you simply just need to care.

“We understood that for many, a career in community care can appear daunting. We knew that it was necessary that we break down the barriers and preconceived notions people had about such careers,” said Eva Lim, Director of the Integrated Communications and Marketing Department. “Care is already inside all of us; we hope through this campaign, more and more people heed the call and feel inspired to build fulfilling careers in community care together with us.”

The highly contextual campaign drew inspiration from old-school classified ads, featuring prominent “Now Hiring” leading headlines and an update on the classic visual style with pop imagery. These images serve as visual punctuations, enhancing the playful nature of the copy.

“Visually, we wanted to make sure that these ‘recruitment ads’ were inviting, and immediately capturing the attention of our audience. It was imperative that our campaign had immediate resonance, and helped people feel ‘Oh yes, that could be me!’” said a spokesperson from The Secret Little Agency. “Both the art direction and copy were thoughtfully crafted to give us the freedom to be as contextual as possible based on the placements we had planned, ensuring precise targeting of our potential candidates, while bringing smiles to those who encounter our ads.”

Injecting humor and relatability into an industry often perceived as intimidating and extremely serious, was key to ensuring a career as a Community Care Associate seemed less daunting and achievable to many. The enthusiastic response to the campaign, two weeks into its launch, highlights its effectiveness in not only reaching the intended audience but also inspiring them to explore the possibilities of a job in this sector.

“Our campaign was inspired by the everyday acts of care we observed in our daily lives. From giving up your seats in the MRT to friendly chats with strangers, these very human habits and quirks were our proof of the skills that everyone had in them to join a career in care,” the spokesperson added. “We always joke that a campaign has truly made its mark when it starts circulating like wildfire in the WhatsApp groups of our older generation. The fact that in just a couple of weeks we’ve found it making the rounds, was enough validation that the campaign has captured the hearts and attention of future community care professionals.”

The campaign will run till the end of September 2023, with placements all over the country; from out-of-home placements at bus stops, train stations, kopitiams, to digital and social, and even radio commercials.

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