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BBDO Japan launches heartwarming web film for Kal Kan on Respect for the Aged Day

TOKYO – BBDO Japan, on behalf of MARS Japan, have released an online web-film for Kal Kan to commemorate Respect For The Aged Day.

The film, called “18 year old Grandpa” follows a woman as she recollects her memories with an older gentlemen as he reflects upon his past. As the conversation unfolds, it is revealed that she is actually chatting to her 18-year old cat and they’re sharing a quiet moment together.


Because of extreme urbanisation, more cats find themselves living almost entirely indoors so they are less susceptible to accidents or disease, and subsequently they enjoy longer lives than any other country. The average age of a cat in Japan in 2010 was 14.4 years, and in 2015, that figure had jumped by 1.3 years to 15.7 years. In a feline population of around half a million, roughly 40% are over the age of 8, and significant more over the age of 18.

MARS Japan was the first company in the world to develop a range of cat food formulated specifically for cats 18 years and beyond as part of their age-specific food range.

Masaki Honda, Executive Creative Director of BBDO Japan, said “The fact that both humans and cats live so long in Japan is really commendable. So it is a great opportunity for us to launch this video to also celebrate older cats on Respect For The Aged Day and to wish them more healthy days to come”.

Tony Harris, Chief Executive of BBDO Japan, said, “It’s a genuine pleasure once again to produce surprising work like this for Mars Petcare. It gives inspiration to all of us Old Cats.”

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