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Return of Trade X

MANILA – Trust the trade exhibit to pump the fun into any congress, mirroring all the facets of the gathering. That’s why the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines is gearing up for its own trade exhibit during the IMMAP DigiCon: Power of X, happening from October 10 to 12 at the Philippine International Convention Center. The TradeX will feature all the powerhouse names, as well as all the technology units, in the industry.

The Power of TradeX at the IMMAP DigiCon reflects how fertile digital in the country is, and how much is sprouting from its wellspring. Only the second time to mount a trade exhibit, IMMAP knew that the time was ripe this year.

The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the IMMAP DigiCon, and it was fitting to celebrate its decade of supporters, members, industry partners and friends by highlighting how much each has contributed to the digital economy, and its growth.


Part and parcel of the IMMAP DigiCon: Power of X, the TradeX’s strength is also its own mini-event, with its own stage for all exhibitors to share their wares, services and know-how. The TradeX will be open to the public, and exhibitors can invite their own guests to join as they hold their own gimmicks.

Booths at 2×3 and 4×6 are available. Contact Aye Ubaldo 0917.526.9019 or 0918.985.7112; or Yeng Reyes 0939 920 0629 / 0917 587 3506; or Flor Raymundo 0917.841.4627.

It’s been seven years since the first and previous time IMMAP staged a trade exhibit. This year, the Power of TradeX will be worth the wait.

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