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BVLGARI and La Maison Shanghai feature 90s power for ambitions with Millennials in China

SHANGHAI – In collaboration with Publicis Worldwide’s luxury agency, La Maison Shanghai, BVLGARI launched a six-month-long campaign, featuring one of China’s latest powers born in the ’90s, Kris Wu (Wu Yifan), to deliver the Roman luxury brand’s strong message and brand spirit: “Classic is revolutionary”.

The campaign made a successful debut, with the release of its first advertising video in June. One of the teaser videos was viewed over one million times and shared more than 50,000 times. The hashtag “Classic is revolutionary” (#经典亦有新生) on Sina Weibo received 100 Million views. In the video, directed by Eugenio Recuenco, Kris Wu delivered his usual, ever charming performance, as the latest official brand ambassador for China. Having received extensive praise and numerous accolades for his work, Recuenco’s fresh take on high fashion is rich in cinematic drama and emotive impulse. Featuring other-worldly narratives, his complex signature style uses elaborate handmade scenery and contains multiple references to art history and film. Receunco’s elaboration for the BVLGARI men’s watch revealed the subtle, yet powerful, chemistry between the brand and the young pop icon.

Headquartered in Rome, BVLGARI has gained a high reputation thanks to its historical heritage, refined quality, and classic, yet contemporary, design. For men’s watches, BVLGARI is the best choice for the new elites who are looking for classic luxury with a twist. “I particularly like things with contrast, especially those that put modern and classic elements together, which then collide and create different sparks,” said Kris Wu. With a great image as a young pop icon, Wu also exudes a mature charm, which perfectly corresponds with BVLGARI. The 25-year-old dynamic actor, singer, and songwriter has a huge fan base in China. His fashion style greatly influences the rising Millennials.


Caroline Grout de Beaufort, Executive Creative Director, and Jeanne Guillet, Executive Director of La Masion commented, “Kris Wu is one of the most popular young stars in China now. He conveys the image of vitality and unbounded personality. The Chinese young generation see him as a trendy role model. BVLGARI represents Rome’s classic aesthetics and heritage. What will happen if these two ideas come together? Classic is revolutionary.”

To better communicate and engage with today’s social-savvy consumers, La Maison has also helped BVLGARI carry out a series of digital and social campaigns over several stages, to create desire and expectation. Together with the brand video and photos, the overall campaign has turned out to be a great success for BVLGARI.

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