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Campaign Spotlight: Asian Paints’ Taana Baana wall textures collection so unique it deserved nothing less than a 360-degree social media strategy

MUMBAI, INDIA — Kinnect (A part of the FCB Group), a full-service digital integrated agency, leads the social media launch of Royale Play #TaanaBaana for Asian Paints. The collection comprises special effects paint which can be utilized to execute various patterns on walls. These wall textures give a distinct identity to homes, adds freshness to home décor, and pay homage to traditional Indian handicrafts & handlooms. The wall textures boast craftsmanship like Charpai, Ikkat, Basket, and more. Asian Paints manufactures a wide range of paints for decorative and industrial use and offers Wall Coverings, adhesives, and services under its portfolio.

To promote the launch of this new collection of wall textures, Kinnect devised a 360-degree social media strategy to bring the nostalgia of India’s ancient handicraft traditions to contemporary homes. Asian Paints wanted to launch a campaign to give homes a festive makeover around the festive season! Traditionally, the days that lead up to festivals are the time to declutter the home, repair anything that’s broken, add sparkle to the interiors, and most importantly, give the much-required festive touch to the home walls.


To launch the wall textures ahead of the festive season, Kinnect executed the #PlayNavratri contest that leveraged nine days of Navratri to showcase one wall texture every day till Dussehra. It asked the audience to click pictures of their wall and tag the brand to win a Taana Baana wall texture makeover. To further amplify the launch of the Royale Play’s Taana Baana collection, Asian Paints leveraged the newly launched ‘Takes’ feature of Pinterest. It’s the GO-TO platform when seeking inspiration for home decor inspiration. Hence, the visual search engine became that platform of choice to promote this very awe-inspiring and unique wall textures collection.


The festive period between November and year-end became crucial to the amplification strategy in the post-launch phase. To sustain audiences’ interest in the Taana Baana wall textures, the brand’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube became the key platforms. Through feed posts, Twitter polls, YouTube Shorts, trending Reels,and quizzes on stories, audiences were timely engaged, and the wall textures were remarketed to keep the buzz around them alive. Reels were created keeping in mind the ongoing trends, using trending music. The reels amassed views of more than 1M. These engaging videos were also posted on YouTube Shorts.

Simultaneously, the brand collaborated with 8 décor and fashion influencers like  Tanya Khanijow (tanyakhanijow), decor_miniz (Mini), Aman Anand (creative_calling) from different states representing the 8 wall textures of the collection (e.g. For Bandhej texture, it partnered with an influencer from Gujarat). The brand displayed the shade card for the collection through carousel posts on influencers’ feeds and showed how the wall texture looked in a room shot.

The Influencer activity garnered a total Reach of 726k with 842k Impressions and an Engagement of 150k. The carousels achieved 1,360 saves and around 400 shares.

The overall social media campaign garnered a reach of 86M+, impressions of 106M+, engagement of 2.1M+ with saves of 7K, and shares of 1.7K

Commenting on the campaign execution, Chandni Shah, COO at Kinnect said, “Taana Baana wall textures reflect India’s rich traditions, heritage handicrafts, and culture. And so, through the campaign, we showcased how these beautiful wall textures could be woven into our modern lives through fashion and décor. The three-month-long campaign was crafted keeping in mind the festive season and Taana Baana’s proposition of wall textures that celebrate the Indian culture and traditions associated with these festivals.

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