Campaign Spotlight: BlinkInk and Leo Burnett London Show that Everyone is Welcome at McDonald’s With These Cute Animations


McDonald’s is for everyone. This is what BlinkInk’s Chris Bristow and Leo Burnett London demonstrates in “Affinity Social,” a series of micro-shorts for the classic fast food chain —eight short videos that are colorful and charming, each one representing quirky characters in random situations as they receive their orders from McDonald’s. The characters and the situations, which can be construed as ordinary under normal circumstances, are made to look eccentric and fun through Chris Bristow’s artistic style. 

We, the person behind the McDonald’s counter, can see the following people passing through the drive-thru — all of them with interesting ways of getting their order: a yoga-enthusiast takes her order by grabbing it with her toes, a farmer rides on a tractor while his dog takes the order from him, a biker with his mini-girlfriend grabs their bag of food with a swift elastic arm, and a gym buff, barely fitting in his car, struggles to reach out and get his order. 

The series also gives a comedic approach on what a delivery person can encounter: a nude model posing for a drawing class, a kid maneuvering a drone inside the confines of his parents’ place, a guy being chased by a vacuum cleaner, and an overexcited fan jumping on a couch because her favorite team won. All of these end with the different types of characters, or the characters with them, getting their food from the delivery person. 

Quite interesting too is the treatment for the series — we see things from the subject’s perspective as opposed to seeing the actors play like they would on a stage, giving us a first person’s point of view on all these comedic situations. Too bad we can’t see their reactions, but it still doesn’t fail to amuse.

A variety of personalities are represented in these 6-8 second shorts, showing that any time of the day, no matter who you are or what you’re doing, McDonald’s will always be something you can rely on — be it through their drive-thru or their McDelivery services. 


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