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Campaign Spotlight: BLKJ Remembers What It Means to Be Singaporean in an Ad for Great Eastern Singapore

Singapore’s global standing, their Garden City, their strong currency, their chai tow kway, maggi goreng, rojak, curry and many more street foods that are known in their country — these are some of the few that Singaporeans are celebrating on this day, August 9, 2019, which is also a commemoration of the independence of Singapore from Malaysia in the year 1965.

One of the top life and general insurance agencies in Singapore, Great Eastern, has entrusted BLKJ to create a short film that showcases all the little and not-so-little things that make Singaporeans, well, Singaporeans. 

In the video, flashes of scenes from everyday life are shown along with events that have made Singapore proud. From a Singaporean winning at the Southeast Asian Games to a child laughing. Achievements of Singaporeans and Singapore, big or not, are showcased in  BLKJ’s ad for Great Eastern. By watching the ad, the viewer will get an impression of Singapore as a country, and the Singaporeans as people. 


The video ends with a reminder to all Singaporeans: “There are some things no policy can protect, only we, the people can”

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