Campaign Spotlight: C6 Bank illustrates the benefits and all offerings of its credit card in a playful way


SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL– C6 Bank reinforces its brand positioning as a full-service bank that is present in people’s lives from its new campaign, which presents the benefits of C6 Bank credit card in an innovative and funny way. Developed by Tech and Soul, the ad campaign is compounded by three animated films that strengthen its “C6 Bank. It´s your life” concept.

C6 Bank | Mais do que vc imagina | ENG

“Kaleidoscope”, “More than you think” and “Satisfying” were created to show the card potential in a playful way, by using visual effects like kaleidoscopes, watercolors, balloons, stop motion and production lines. In those situations, the benefits are enhanced by its personalization and transformation into other elements, from chocolate packaging to smartphones or coffee cups. All films feature stylized versions of “It’s your life”, the bank’s signature song, a hit on Spotify, which was composed to launch C6 Bank on the market. The broadcast takes place on closed TV, digital media and outdoor media in São Paulo.

C6 Bank | Satisfying | ENG

C6 Bank | Caleidoscópio | ENG

“We opted for a creativity line that used the sensorial expression as a way to spread the card benefits. The mixture of images and sensations brings entertainment and helps people to get involved with the ad and its message, realizing more easily how much it is worth having a C6 Bank card”, says Flavio Waiteman, Tech and Soul’s CCO & Partner.

“C6 Bank cards are among the most advantageous cards in the market. The campaign helps us to show all the benefits of the card in a light and fun way”, states Alexandra Pain, C6 Bank’s Head of Marketing

Advertising Agency: Tech and Soul
Title: Kaleidoscope / Satisfying / More than you think
Client: C6 Bank
Product: Credit Cards
CCO : Flavio Waiteman
Art Director: Paulo Ottaviani
Copywriter: Daniel Magri
Film Producer: Daniela Andrade
Account services: Claudio Kalim, Debora Bock
Approval/client: Alexandra Pain, Keyla Sone, Rodrigo Teixeira, Marilia Affonso, Ione Aguiar, Daniel Braz, Rafael Victor
Production Company: Piloto
Screen Direction: Daniel Soro e Alexandre Chalabi
Executive Production: Natalia Souza e Diandra Martins
Account services: Regina Knapp, Roberta Frederico, Felipe Lopes, Marília Raffaeli
Post-Production Coordinator: Karina Oliveira
3D: Rodolfo Roth
Film Producer: Thais Nijenhuis
Post-Producer: Piloto
Music/sound Company: BloodAudio

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