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Campaign Spotlight: Catriona Gray Teaches You How Not to Act in a Drinking Session in McCann’s New Ad for San Mig Light

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — How not to act in a drinking session with friends? This is the question that McCann Worldgroup Philippines and San Mig Light set out to answer in their new campaign, “Mga Panira Ng Usapan.”

In the first episode, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray introduces the first character of “Mga Panira Ng Usapan” — the Hijacker. This type of person is described as someone who hijacks a conversation to make it about themselves, and the episode shows how they use a person’s story as a jumping point to brag. Because of this, the Hijacker’s friends are cut off short every time they start to talk about something.


In the middle of telling his story, the Hijacker is then interrupted by Catriona Gray with a bottle of San Mig Light. According to her, one shouldn’t be a Hijacker if one wants a lasting conversation, and if one is aiming for a long drinking session, then San Mig Light should be the drink of choice.

The Hijacker can be annoying in real life but San Mig Light’s “Mga Panira Ng Usapan” by McCann Worldgroup Philippines is done in such a cheeky way that one can’t help but find the Hijacker’s antics amusing. Since this is just the first episode, one can learn about how not to act in a drinking session in the upcoming videos.

Project: Panira ng Usapan Episode 1
Client: San Miguel Brewery, Inc.
Product: San Mig Light
Agency: McCann WorldGroup Philippines, Inc.
Director: Ianco Dela Cruz
Executive Producer: Jenny Gapiz
Production House: Unitel x Straightshooters

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