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Campaign Spotlight: ‘Compact size, big possibilities’ — Asus and Grey Hong Kong launch the Zenfone 9

HONG KONG — ASUSTeK Computer Inc. and GREY Hong Kong have joined forces to introduce the Zenfone 9, the latest model in the world-renowned Zenfone series.

Leveraging on its small size, the Zenfone 9 is introduced with the idea: “Compact size, big possibilities.”


The Zenfone series has always been popular among techies and gamers. However, the tech giant wanted to extend its appeal and widen its consumer base attracting new consumers who look for phones that match their lifestyle instead of purchasing only performance-orientated ones.

GREY Hong Kong developed the concept of “Grab Life with One Hand” with the film and teaser trailers, shot by global production powerhouse Sweetshop’s Matthys Boshoff. It shows Zenfone 9 through different scenarios where you would usually require two hands. The use of bright color palettes and everyday life occasions reinforce the lifestyle element of the Zenfone 9 while keeping its technological prowess through CPU breakdowns and gimbal stabilizer animations.

The film’s opening scene displays the convenience of the Zenfone 9 as the protagonist is effortlessly holding onto both -a moving train’s handles and his phone. In contrast, we see others in the background not having as much luck.

Shot in Cape Town, South Africa, the film features the phone’s water-resistant ability, night mode camera, and impressive high-definition camera capabilities through cloud monitoring. Matthys suggested filming in Cape Town to give the setting a global feel and reach as many worldwide audiences as possible. These features are highlighted through an upbeat soundtrack, dynamic scenes that exemplify a sense of adventure, and fast-paced camera work.

“We are delighted to have collaborated with Grey Hong Kong and The Sweetshop to produce this incredible video, which fully conveys the Zenfone 9’s usability and features in real scenarios,” said Shawn Chang, ASUS Phone BU Marketing and Sales Director. “It was tough for us to organize a video shoot in this pandemic, but with the director’s professional suggestions and Grey’s skill and experience, we made it happen perfectly,” he added.

“The Zenfone 9 is an exciting evolution in the ASUS Zenfone lineup. We wanted to highlight the ease of using it with one hand through various real-life situations. Once we had that idea, the production, casting and locations simply brought it to life. We look forward to working with ASUS again in the future,” said Rick Kwan, Grey HK Creative Partner.

Agency: GREY Hong Kong
Duffy Lau, General Manager
Rick Kwan, Creative Partner
Owen Smith, Chief Strategy Officer
Ted Tam, Account Director
Ivan Tang, Associate Account Director
May Chan, Group Creative Director
Vivian Cheung, Associate Creative Director
Yolanda Luo, Senior Strategic Planner
Catalina Fok, Senior Producer
Hayden Lee, English Copywriter

Client: ASUSTeK Computer Inc
Marketing and Sales Director: Shawn Chang
Marketing Manager: John Hsu
Marketing Specialist: Fisher Lin

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