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Campaign Spotlight: Dentsu Impact & Ozone launch ‘Ab Chalegi Finger Key’ campaign

MUMBAI, INDIA — Dentsu Impact, in association with Ozone – a leading Indian brand in the digital ‘locks and safes’ segment, has launched the ‘Ab Chalegi Finger Key’ campaign. The campaign metaphorically demonstrates the connection between Ozone’s digital lock and electronic voting wherein one can open a lock using one finger and simultaneously vote for a better future.

Conceptualised and executed by Dentsu Impact, a dentsuMB Company & the creative agency from dentsu India, the 360-degree campaign includes print, radio, digital & OOH. Further, the brand has also launched an IP (Intellectual Property) in association with the prominent news channels – NDTV and ABP. The multi-episode program on the news channels nudges the voters to make the right choice for themselves and the society at large. It also includes an exclusive anthem to help attract mass appeal and celebrity endorsements along with on-ground interviews with audiences and debates. With this campaign, the brand has interestingly used the Indian elections as a platform and transformed it into one of the hottest debating arenas.


It is pertinent to note here that the current campaign follows closely in the wake of the brand’s ‘Guccha Singh Campaign’, a runaway hit, urging people to move from a ‘Chabiyoun Ka Guccha’ (bunch of keys) to the new age digital locks with multiple access mode that gives unmatched security with utmost ease.



Abhishek Aggarwal, President, Ozone Overseas

Abhishek Aggarwal, President, Ozone Overseas said, “At Ozone, our prime focus is to provide solutions that are high-tech, safe, and hassle-free for the consumer. Through this campaign, we aim to sensitize people that by exercising the power of their finger they can choose the right government for better security and progress just like with a swipe of their fingers they can secure their valuables.”

“We are consistently working towards enhancing the customer experience by altering the traditional usage of keys with our digital key that effortlessly eliminates the breach of security system, allowing the consumer more control and efficiency,” he further added.

Ujjwal Anand, Executive Vice President, Dentsu Impact

Ujjwal Anand, Executive Vice President, Dentsu Impact commented, “Elections give that one chance to the voters to exercise their rights for a safe, secure and brighter future. By using the power of the voting finger, they can make changes that really matter. ‘Is baar kiski chalegi’, ‘is baar kaun ayega’, ‘satta kisko milegi’ are all turn of phrases that we get to hear particularly around the election frenzy. We decided to give a spin to these phrases and hinge our campaign articulation around the verbiage. And so ‘Ab Chalegi Finger Key’!”

Mayank Khattar, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Impact

Mayank Khattar, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Impact said, “While in the earlier campaign the mascot we created was around a popular face and larger than life ‘Chabiyoun Ka Guccha’, this campaign takes the engagement to a different space, by tapping into the culture of elections and voting in India; the finger as a voting tool, readily recognizable, took the centre stage. We used the finger as a symbol of power in people’s hands. The overall tonality of the campaign has been thought-provoking, urging people of states where the elections are being conducted, to acknowledge and exercise their voting rights and choose a better, progressive future. Just like our digital locks that take the security of our homes and valuables to a different level that too with five access modes, giving the control in people’s hands. The instant connection of the people with empowering index finger is striking.”

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