For many people in Singapore, child abuse is a sensitive subject to discuss. Many abuse cases go unnoticed, because children are afraid to report it. Often, children think the abuse is their fault, they don’t want to get their abuser in trouble, they think people might not believe them or even worse, people might think they are telling a lie. If we want to create a safer environment for our children, we must be able to listen and look deeper into what our children are trying to tell us.

To communicate this Dentsu Singapore turned a traditional print poster campaign into an interactive experience. The line ‘Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening’ invites to scan the poster to reveal the unspoken truth on your mobile device. After seeing the unspoken truth, a CTA enables people to donate, share their story, or sponsor a recovering abused child at to make a difference on the spot.

“Childhood sexual abuse exists, everywhere, in all the sectors of societies, races and religion. All the countries have strict child protection policies to tackle it. However there is minimal awareness in general public because of the discomfort, shame and guilt attached to it. We consider it taboo. It’s about time that we shatter the silence and do something about it.,” says  Dr.Vani Khare founder of


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