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Campaign Spotlight: Dove and Outreach Nepal does a social experiment showing #YouAreMoreBeautifulThanYouThink

LALITPUR, NEPAL— Dove has always stood for real beauty. The brand launched its most successful campaign #YouAreMoreBeautifulThanYouThink in Nepal to drive the mission to make Nepali women feel beautiful every day by broadening the narrow definition of beauty prevalent and inspiring them to take great care of themselves.

The film asks multiple women how they feel about their own beauty, of which there is a clear depiction of insecurities reflected by them on their personal appearances. The same question is then diverted to a loved one of the same women, which they do not limit their answer towards physical attributes they appreciate but also towards the close contribution the women have in their life.

Dove with this campaign clearly displays that all women are beautiful in their own ways and urges all Nepalese women to see the beauty within themselves because #YouAreMoreBeautifulThanYouThink


The campaign is conceptualized and produced by Outreach Nepal.

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