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Campaign Spotlight: dtac once again champions local businesses by bridging them to its customer base through its revamped #Goodforall reward program

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Like all telco brands in Thailand, dtac which is one of Thailand’s leading networks, has a robust customer rewards program with great privileges for redemption. The rewards programs feature many popular retailers, franchises, and brands nationwide.

But should the reward program of dtac only reward the popular and famous? With small businesses suffering badly from Covid-19, and at the brink of closure, many do not have the budget or connections to promote their businesses and fight against big companies.

What if we help them reach tens of millions of customers directly? dtac together with Wunderman Thompson revamped its rewards program entirely.



dtac pioneered a brave move to revamp its rewards program from being Exclusive to Inclusive.

For the first time ever, dtac swapped famous and popular franchises to local businesses in its rewards program.

#GoodforAll reward features the smallest shops or even the most rural ones.
dtac customers can now directly support them with redemption on the platform, giving life back to local businesses.

How Lih Ren, Chief Marketing Officer, Total Access Communication PLC, or dtac, said, “The COVID-19 crisis over the past two years forced many shops to close, severely impacting small business owners. Those who have been able to reopen still face difficulties, especially those with limited resources who cannot compete with large businesses. For them, recuperation not only takes time but also a great deal of effort. To aid such businesses, dtac has invited them to join the #GoodforAll reward campaign. Participating businesses comprise of small shops that most people may not have seen or heard of, but that have quality products and services and resilient owners and staff. We are sharing some of their stories and urging you to support them and others like them.”

Jit-aree Chotivithayaporn, Group Account Director of Wunderman Thompson Thailand, added, “With strong determination to be a network for all and true commitment in consumers’ betterment of lives, dtac had launched #GoodForAll campaign to help dtac customers’ businesses since 2021. To continue driving home this message, we initiated a simple yet meaningful action with the #GoodforAll reward program. It didn’t take long before we saw a very positive result. Apart from helping local shops get back on their feet, this campaign successfully secured best-in-class results from Google’s brand lift survey on brand favorability metric among non-dtac users; 6 times higher that the Thailand market norm. As a true partner, Wunderman Thompson will continue creating good campaigns to support our client’s ambition to be a network that is truly good for all.”

Park Wannasiri, Chef Creative Director of Wunderman Thompson Thailand, said,
“When it comes to reward programs in every business, it is always about exclusivity. All brands are chasing famous partnerships that result in lots of traffic and often leaving small businesses behind. We saw a gap and did precisely the opposite. We turn something exclusive into inclusive, by bringing those businesses in need to the forefront and giving dtac customers rewards that help small businesses. A simple solution that reaches over 10 million customers directly and bringing cash flow to small businesses right away. May this reward program truly be rewarding for everyone.”

The campaign achieved 43 million impressions with more than THB 4 million in earned media. There was a 415% increase of redemption from dtac customers on the reward program.

And most importantly, local businesses that participated in this program saw a 150% sales increase with an average of USD1,200 income generated for them in the first month after re-opening.

This is just the beginning. dtac pledges to sign up another 1,500 local shops throughout the year.

dtac #GoodforAll Reward – A truly inclusive reward that is good for everyone.


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