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Campaign Spotlight: Fastrack’s new campaign ‘Pride in our Pronouns’ is the lesson in grammar everyone needs

MUMBAI, INDIA — Fastrack, a leading Indian youth fashion and tech brand, in its stride to break through the stereotype of assumed gender-specific pronouns launched its new campaign #PrideinOurPronouns. Created by Brandmovers India, the campaign is Fastrack’s take on questioning the accepted understanding of the gender binaries in society and is a call out to ‘just ask’ instead of misgendering an individual.

The #PrideInOurPronouns campaign conducts a social experiment with teachers testing them through a simple question and urging them to relearn their basics and accept the choices of other individuals.

Fastrack aims at remodeling the approach towards gender identity not just on paper but also in everyday life. The brand thus encourages audiences to revise their pronoun lessons and not address an individual incorrectly. Through ‘Pride In Our Pronouns’ Fastrack also collaborates with artists from the community to co-create a first-of-its-kind zine is going to be launched soon on the Fastrack Website; the zine details stories and experiences and emphasizes the importance of stating and asking for pronouns.


Ajay Maurya, head of marketing, Fastrack, said “#PrideInOurPronouns is Fastrack’s attempt to have conversations important to the youth and amplifying them. Our commitment to the Queer community has been longstanding but we feel there is a large scope to also unlearn and urge people to do the same. With this campaign, we broke it down to its essence, which is that all we need to do is ‘just ask’ and not presume.”

Through this pioneering campaign, the brand urges us to keep our minds open and add various new pronouns to the brand’s vocabulary. This revolutionizes the societal norms of categorizing people in two gender identities and normalizes the fact that a person can also identify themselves with genders other than just a “him” or “her.”

“This campaign started with a real question. What if we could educate our educators about the importance of asking for or stating their pronouns? The rest fell into place as we all fell in love with the idea. My team was convinced it was time to break some grammar binaries. With checks in place from our queer friends, we proceeded to go all out — starting with our social experiment film featuring Siaan and the curation of a beautiful digital zine put together by our favorite queer creators and allies. I am so proud of ‘Pride In Our Pronouns’ and hope you all relate to it and love it the way we do.” said Arijita Das, senior creative director, Brandmovers India.

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