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Campaign Spotlight: Fear of home loans are bigger than monsters in Seven A.D.’s new campaign for PSBank

MANILA – Many things scare us. The unknown. Monsters in our heads. Things that go bump in the night. Often, these are the things that can send the bravest of souls curled up in a fetal position. The latest campaign by Seven A.D. for PSBank shines a humorous light on some of those monsters in contrast with people’s fears of taking out a loan for a new home.

In the ad, it’s a dark and stormy night as a young man arrives at an old house. There are old photos on the wall, when he suddenly sees the archetypal white lady standing at the top of the stairs. Taking a look at the ghostly figure, he calmly blows out the candles on the candelabra in her hand, leaving the lady frustrated.

Stepping into the bedroom, the mythical kapre appears behind a mirror as he checks out some clothes. Though the kapre growls at him while his giant cigar is lit, the man brushes it off and even uses the creature as a hanger.


While trying to get some work done, papers suddenly fly off the man’s desk because a window is open. As he gazes out the window, the half-body of a flying manananggal snarls at him. Hissing and gesturing menacingly at the man, the manananggal looks poised to pounce, but the man simply dismisses it by closing the window. The bat-winged monster can only react in frustration at this.

Finally, the man climbs in bed with his wife after a long day. As he checks his phone, she says to him, “Hon, bumili na kaya tayo ng bagong bahay?” More than any of the previous monsters, it is this that terrifies the man, as his eyes bulge out and he lets loose a primal scream of sheer terror. The voiceover then follows, saying, “Diyan ka pa natakot! Simple lang yan sa PSBank Home Loan dahil ngayon, ang Home Loan decision, isang araw na lang.” The ad ends by saying, “San ka pa? PSBank na.”

After recently securing a fourth straight Independent Agency of the Year honor at the 21st AOY Awards, it’s easy to see why Seven A.D. has been making waves despite not being part of any of the major advertising networks with work such as this. The simplicity of taking out a loan for a home can be as intimidating as any monster to many, and the agency pokes fun at that fear in this spot.


Team Credits


Agency: Seven AD

Teeny Gonzales, CCO, CEO

Tey San Diego, COO, Head of Strategy

Russ Molina, ECD / Copywriter

Rina dela Calzada, CD / Art Director

Samantha Vargas: Art Director

Shai Avecilla-Riofrio: Business Unit Director

Guada Belen: Account Manager



Production House: Pabrika

Director: Carlo Directo

Producer: Steve Vesagas, Slingshot

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