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Campaign Spotlight: Filipino and proud! TBWA\SMP, OMG launch “Ingat, Angat” in largest-ever inter-brand effort

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The global pandemic has brought with it no shortage of surprises, but on October 9, 2020, Filipinos were treated to sight none of them ever thought they would see: a film featuring many of the nation’s largest (often-competing) brands, all working as one towards a common cause. Through a series of vignettes featuring Filipinos of all walks of life, the film drove home that notion of banding together to restart the economy.

Launched under the tagline of “Ingat, Angat” (“Carefully, We Rise”), and broadcast simultaneously on all local channels, radio stations, and online platforms at 6.50pm sharp, the film delivered the powerful message of solidarity, cooperation, and bayanihan (community spirit) in these trying times. 


#IngatAngat #WeRecoverAsOne #SafeTrip | Ingat Angat Tayong Lahat

While, “Having rival brands together in the scenes helped drive the message of unity,” says Melvin Mangada –whose TBWA\Santiago Mangada Puno (TBWA\SMP) executed the film and its overall campaign– “The challenge was to strike a delicate balance between safety and vigilance (Ingat) and optimism and consumer confidence (Angat).” 

Produced by TBWA\SMP, and distributed by Omnicom Media Group (OMG) the film was executed for client T3, a public-private task force with a stated mission to Teach, Trace, and Treat Filipinos during the ongoing pandemic. Having already provided and conducted over 3 million COVID-19 tests nationwide, T3 recognized the importance of informing the public about safety measures while rebuilding consumers’ trust and consumer that had been affected by the pandemic. TBWA’s job was find a way to effectively communicate the message.

While the Agency’s initial strategy and concepts were ready within a week, Mangada revealed that plans had to be run past members of Congress, as well as the entrepreneurs, broadcast, publishing, media, and online vendors on whose platforms the material would be aired/posted. Furthermore, the agency worked on pitching the project to brands and corporations to secure their participation. 

All told, TBWA coordinated with dozens of companies representing hundreds of brands to craft the film, enlisting the services of acclaimed director Joel Limchoc to deliver the imagery and emotion needed to get across the film’s indelible message. Produced, shot, and edited with social distancing guidelines firmly in place, months of work paid off on October 9, as the film launched on every major Filipino platform on TV, radio, and online. 

Almost immediately, online feedback came in the form of over nearly 2 million views within 4 days of launch, in addition to thousands of shares, likes, and related posts. While many were overwhelmed with seeing major competitors like Petron, Shell, Globe, Smart, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Jollibee, and McDonald’s sharing screen time, many more were touched by the message being imparted. Comments were overwhelmingly positive, with Filipinos expressing surprise, delight, and, most importantly, inspiration, at the film.

Currently comprising 2 online films, 5 TVC’s, 6 radio ads, print ads, OOH, and a Viber community, Mangada shared that the succeeding phases of the campaign will see major tv and film personalities create their own unique chapters which will be released online. 

Living in an unprecedented time called for an unprecedented campaign, and when the nation needed it, TBWA answered the call. Through “Ingat, Angat”, the Agency was able to show just what could be accomplished when people unite to challenge the impossible.

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Client: Task Force T3
Margot Torres
George Royeca

TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno (Overall in charge of the project from strategy, all creative materials including digital, coordination with 31 clients, financials)
Melvin Mangada
Marci Reyes
Johned De Vera
Greg Hernandez
James Mendoza;
Portia Catuira
Kara Filamor
Paulie De Lunan
Jimmy Santiago
Rj Paculan
Josef Montinola
Media Agency: Omnicom Media Group (OMG) Mary Buenaventura, Carla Cifra and team
PR: EON Richard Arboleda, Vikki Luta and team
Website: Nuworks, Jeff Saez and team
Production: Film Pabrika, Director Joel Limchoc and team, Slingshot, Steve Vesagas

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