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Campaign Spotlight: ‘First Roommates’ by Asian Paints and Kinnect captures heartfelt story for Raksha Bandhan

MUMBAI, INDIA — India’s acclaimed paint and décor giant, Asian Paints rolled out a heartfelt tribute with film “FirstRoommates”, celebrating the bond siblings share growing up. A window into the love-hate relationship between siblings, “FirstRoommates” reminds you of the underlying affection one feels for their kin.

The film captured the bitter-sweet nok-jhoks, the feeling of belonging uniquely shared by siblings, and most importantly, the unsaid, and seldom displayed love between the duo. It beautifully portrayed and encouraged the essence of Raksha Bandhan beyond the concept of a brother safeguarding his sister by focusing on the celebration of love, protection, support, and a memorable, life-long relationship.


As commonly known, when one sibling moves out, their room is taken over by the other one. The film started in a similar light, where an older sister is visiting her maiden home to celebrate her first Raksha Bandhan after marriage. As she enters what used to be a shared room, she notices how it has been done up to fit the brother’s likes and interests. Everything looks amazing, but she suddenly notices something. Upon closer inspection, she realizes it’s a hand-spray-painted box filled with childhood memories. The film ends with a heart-touching moment where the brother tells his didi that this room will always have space for his first roommate i.e. her.

Conceptualized and executed by Asian Paints’ social media and digital creative agency partner – Kinnect, “First Roommates” displayed how you can make something unique and special by upcycling it using ezyCR8, rather than discarding it. Asian Paints EzyCR8 is an easy-to-use range of DIY solutions for home improvements. Consumers can use this range creatively for home décor makeovers or improvements.

Speaking about the campaign, Sr. Creative Director Madhura Haldipur, Kinnect stated, “In India, we are very familiar with this quintessential brother-sister relationship. Most of this originates in the home – lack of space or having to share a room as kids which transforms into a grown-up love language of bickering or teasing. This film catches them in one such beautiful moment of a milestone event in their lives. Asian Paints’ ezyCR8 gave us a wonderful opportunity to portray how the younger brother goes beyond just ‘buying a gift’ to show how deep his love for her truly is. After all, there’s no place like home and no roommates like your siblings.”

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