Comics: 3 Reasons The Sandman is one of the best comic books ever

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Sandman is an acclaimed DC comic written by Neil Gaiman. It centers around the King of Dreams, Morpheus AKA Dream, and his duty to protect the dream world and the humans who enter it. To celebrate the live-action adaptation (which was released on Netflix on July 05), adobo Magazine breaks down some of what makes this comic a dream come true for many fans.

The powerful prose

Even if The Sandman had been a novel, it still would have been appealing to many fantasy fans thanks to Neil Gaiman’s elegant and resonant writing. Whether it be the narration or the dialogue, his words possess an almost lyrical quality to them that sweeps the reader right into the story. Some of the lines are highly quotable. In The Sandman #4, Morpheus escapes the demons of Hell by asking them: “What power would Hell have if those imprisoned were not able to dream of Heaven?” 


The Dave McKean covers

The artwork on each cover deserves to be displayed in a gallery. They are surreal and majestic to look at. To be savored and absorbed for a few minutes before opening the comic itself. At the start of the series, McKean employed a painting style that’s eye-catching. The covers set the tone for how sophisticated the series was and how it was strictly for mature readers. More than just a cover artist, McKean has done some interior artwork as well (Arkham Asylum, Black Orchid). Hopefully, someday, Gaiman will return to do a fully painted McKean Sandman project.

The deep bench of talented artists

Each story was illustrated by a different artist and they seemingly played to their strengths. The journey of Morpheus travels through different genres — fantasy, horror, science fiction, comedy, and even slice-of-life. This didn’t just require an artist who could handle a specific style but someone who was a master in that genre. Pros like co-creator Sam Keith, Chris Bachalo, Kelly Jones, and Jill Thompson all started out on The Sandman and made a name for themselves. Even established artists like Charles Vess, P. Craig Russell, and J.H. Williams have made substantial contributions to this masterpiece. 

This review is just too big for one article. Wait for part two, when Comic Book Guy JV discusses even more reasons why you should check out The Sandman comics!

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