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Campaign Spotlight: Gymbox celebrates its unique offering in new campaign from BMB

LONDON, UK — BMB has created a new campaign for Gymbox, the unconventional London-based fitness chain.

To kick off the new year, a playful poster campaign celebrates the fact that Gymbox are making gym life less predictable, more unusual, and more fun. Perfect for anyone looking for unorthodox ways to get fit.

The headlines read like snippets of conversation that would sound out of place anywhere except Gymbox – weaving in some of the quirky classes that the gym chain offers.


These classes include the likes of Drill Sergeant, Hangxiety, Suspenders, and Beastmode.

The ads acknowledge that some things only make sense at Gymbox, where the classes are so unique, it’s almost like Gymbox members are speaking their own language. It may sound strange to outsiders, but once you become a member it’ll make perfect sense.

By making use of the brand’s bold colours, these eye-catching posters invite people to join Gymbox and become fluent in over 100 classes. The media was bought by the7stars and Jack Media.

The work launches across gym sites, social media, and OOH in London from Monday 10th January and will run through the year.

Rory McEntee, Gymbox’s Brand and Marketing Director said: “Gymbox is not your typical gym, it has a sense of humour, for a start. Our members are serious about fitness and serious about fun, so we run an unusual combination of classes to make sure they never get bored. This playful campaign perfectly encapsulates the brand’s mischievous side. Featuring some of our most popular class names, these headlines wouldn’t sound out of place being spoken by any of our members. It’s fair to say, some things only make sense at Gymbox.”

Matt Lever, BMB, CCO: “Everyone wants to learn a new language in January and we’ve got one that’s far more interesting than conversational French. Because when you speak the language of Gymbox, you become fluent in some of the most exciting and unusual exercise classes London has to offer.”


Advertiser/Brand: Gymbox
Client: Rory McEntee, Brand & Marketing Director, Gymbox
Advertising Agency: BMB
CCO: Matt Lever
Creatives: Will Marsden and Jordan Down
Head of Strategy: Mel Arrow
Business Director: Matt Bonny
Planner: Amy Bowker
Designer: James Wakefield
Media: the7stars and Jack Media

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