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Campaign Spotlight: KFC pours its signature cheese sauce on just about everything

SINGAPORE – KFC’s latest campaign, ‘Everything’s Better with KFCHEESE’, hones in on KFC’s iconic, signature cheese sauce: KFCheese, a firm Singapore favourite. The campaign shows it being liberally poured on  everything from KFC staples like the Zinger, to iconic local dishes, and even adding luscious dollop of cheesy goodness to competitor’s menu items.

KFCheeseEverything’s Better. Yes, Everything.


“We knew that Singaporeans were already enjoying our KFC’s signature cheese sauce with all of their KFC favourites and wanted to maximise this cheesy indulgence.” said Juliana Lim, Senior Director, Marketing & Innovation at KFC Singapore.

This marks The Secret Little Agency’s 1st work for KFC, Singaporeans will get to catch a glimpse of this cheeky campaign here, as well as across social channels including as Instagram and Facebook. To ramp up the fun KFC will also be including cheeky references to iconic national dishes in the campaign that Singaporeans will immediately identify; reinforcing the message that KFC Signature Cheese Sauce is so good, it truly goes with everything.

This campaign follows a series of other global creative campaigns created by KFC across the world, which include the censoring of its world famous tagline last month.

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