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Campaign Spotlight: Kyivstar challenges 4G myths with Serviceplan Ukraine campaign shot using LED CUBE technology

UKRAINE — 4G Myths, a Serviceplan Ukraine campaign for Kyivstar sets out to encourage customers to subscribe to 4G, with a series of 7 videos dedicated to dispelling the most popular myths surrounding it.

Kyivstar | Myths about 4G #1


Kyivstar | Myths about 4G #2

Kyivstar | Myths about 4G #3

Three years have passed since the launch of 4G in the Ukraine, however some subscribers haven’t yet made the switch to 4G. So Serviceplan Ukraine rose up to the challenge of finding out the barriers stopping them from moving over to 4G, and created a campaign to overcome those obstacles. The research found several issues which were preventing customers from switching to 4G; a fear of complicated technology; a belief that 3G speed is sufficient; a feeling that 4G is only for the elite; a misconception that coverage of the 4G is not stable in the Ukraine; a myth that 4G is expensive and uses a lot of traffic; and another myth that 4G quickly uses up the smartphone battery.

Kyivstar | Myths about 4G #4 

Kyivstar | Myths about 4G #5

Kyivstar | Myths about 4G #6

The hero of the new Kyivstar campaign is Ukrainian musician Sergey Babkin, who stars in all 7 videos. Thanks to LED CUBE technology, it was possible to shoot all 7 films in one day, despite the complexity of the concept and the challenges faced shooting with Covid restrictions. In the series of films Babkin played 8 different characters who symbolize the different misconceptions of customers surrounding 4G. Using LED CUBE technology, 8 different virtual locations were created in one studio.

Kyivstar | Myths about 4G #7

Igor Klymenko, Creative Director, Serviceplan Ukraine commented: “We had a brief to create a series of informational videos. Usually these are quite formal, “educational” films, but we decided to go the other way. We created a concept, where the hero embodied in various comic images of his inner doubts”.

“Every day, the smartphone is playing an increasing role in our daily lives. It’s not only for music, video or online games, but also for work. Not only to call your dearest, but see them regardless of distance. That’s why high-speed 4G is a must have!” said Yuriy Chornenkiy, Head of Marketing Communications, Kyivstar.

Client: Kyivstar
Title: 4G Myths
Worldwide Executive Creative Director, Serviceplan Group: Jason Romeyko
Marketing Director – Pavlo Daniman
Head of Marcom – Yuriy Chornenkiy
Brand Manager – Olena Ignatenko
Serviceplan Ukraine:
Creative Director – Igor Klymenko
Art Director – Volodymyr Denys
Account Director – Anna Migulko
Account Manager – Alina Kuzmenko
ScreenLife Studio:
Producer – Andrii Kupriienko
Director – Dmytriy Golumbevskyi

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