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Insight: How has travel marketing coped according to Mobile Advertiser Adludio

MANILA, PHILIPPINES– Screen time has definitely had an uptick over the past few months. Between online work, virtual classes, more free time, screens are easily becoming the biggest ad space despite its palm-sized surface area.

This is providing mobile advertisers like Adludio a unique opportunity to marry creative with data. With the one-to-one conversation and new interesting formats, campaigns are becoming more diverse and the possibilities are still growing for mobile. But the flipside of the word “mobile” is also to move, which was almost certainly the least fashionable word this year.

Adludio’s Regional Business Director for APAC Stella Berry gives adobo magazine her two cents on the current state of travel and where it is headed.


Berry made example of the flights to nowhere as one of the ways travel marketers are coping especially for frequent fliers who long for some sense of normalcy; the heightened awareness of consumers has also backfired towards this practice.

“Climate activists have condemned this way of escapism and that airlines and consumers should be patient and wait for alternatives like ‘travel corridors’ or ‘travel bubbles’ to come into place,” shared Berry.

As an alternative, she shared case studies of having the airline experience without even taking off such as Singapore Airlines’ Discover Your SIA campaign where on-ground airplane tours, immersion with the pilot, and inflight meal delivery were converted into experiential services.

However, the relaxing travel restrictions does not mean that consumers will dive head-first into the water. “Travel and hospitality brands need to ensure that the user journey to reschedule or cancel flights is as simple and straightforward as possible. Free cancellation is definitely going to be a huge incentive for consumers moving forward ”

“Adapting to our new normal means raising the importance of health and safety, but we can’t lose sight of enhancing the customer journey,” she added.

Berry further gave examples of travel institutions faring well, “One method is to deploy technology behind the scenes to make every stage of travel frictionless, safe and secure. Changi Airport is a pioneer in this new contactless concept and travel brands can take a few pages from their book. Saint Pancras International in London is the first train station in the world to launch state-of-the-art cleaning robots to help eradicate viruses throughout the station’s concourse and facilities.”

All the pivots and creative decisions show how marketers integrate data and experience to safeguard the industry’s future albeit bleak in its current standstill. Berry ended by expressing how creativity overtakes adversity: “The level of creativity that shines through to overcome a situation can sometimes be mind-blowing!”

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