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Lowe Lintas wins creative mandate for FreeCharge

MUMBAI – Lowe Lintas has been appointed as the creative agency for FreeCharge, India’s leading online platform for recharge, utility payments, promotions and couponing. As part of the alliance, Lowe Lintas has been tasked with the mandate of making Freecharge a go-to and top-of-mind brand in India. Lowe Lintas fended off competition from six other agencies that were in the fray before it was chosen.

FreeCharge is a pioneer in the online recharge space with a unique business model. FreeCharge doesn’t just make the process of recharging convenient, it also makes it rewarding, by way of discount coupons. For every recharge done on FreeCharge, the company gives customers discount coupons from top food joints and popular retailers, equivalent to your recharge amount, delivered to their mobile, inbox or even doorstep. These coupons can be used to save money when customers eat out, watch movies, book travel tickets, shop online, visit a salon, go gaming, pick up books, music, groceries, and live a rewarding life!

Sharing his views on appointing Lowe Lintas as the creative agency, Alok Goel, CEO, FreeCharge said, “FreeCharge is a youth brand and hence we wanted to figure out a campaign idea that will connect with today’s youth at deep emotional levels. Lowe team came up with phenomenal insight. The insight was that today’s youngsters are smart problem solvers and they will figure their way out in life despite what life throws at them. The insight was so original and emotional that we felt Lowe team will be great partners for this campaign.”


To drive FreeCharge’s marketing objectives, Lowe Lintas has unveiled a campaign – ‘Recharge nahin… FreeCharge’ that depicts FreeCharge’s core proposition of being an ally for the youth and how it plans to alter the recharge landscape in India by offering rewarding coupons and offers. The campaign is live online and will soon be seen across other traditional media.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Kunal Shah, Co-founder of FreeCharge said, “We want to completely change what people expect from the simple act of recharging a mobile phone. It is no longer just a payment, but a rewarding experience which delivers joys to our customers. We felt that Lowe Lintas’ campaign idea captured this in a surprising and insightful way. We are confident the youth of today will connect with the brand and engage with it for a long time to come.”
The youth is often stereotyped by parents for being spendthrifts who don’t value money. Lowe Lintas’ consumer-research revealed that in fact, the reverse is true today. The digital-native youngsters are quite smart and inventive when it comes to stretching their means to the max.
Sharing his thoughts on the creative approach taken for the brand in a crowded marketplace, Arun Iyer, National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas stated, “We felt that our campaign needed to do more than land the product and its benefits. We needed to connect with our rechargers at a real level. We hit upon an insight that the youth of today are ‘charged’ with being irresponsible with their money. This simple app is their ally and just one re-‘charge’ fittingly answers all these charges.”
The campaign aims to build further on the brand’s key offering through relevant tie-ups.

Team Credits:
Client: FreeCharge
Client Team: Kunal Shah / Sandeep / Raja Ganpathy / Alok Goel / Ankita Gandhy
Agency: Lowe Lintas 
Creative Team: Arun Iyer / Akash Das / Amar Singh / Piyush Gupta / Paresh Panchal 
Account Management: Raj Gupta / Abhimanyu Mathur / Rohit Chatterjee / Jagannath Rane / 
                                       Ruth Andrea Peters 
Planning: Rishabha Nayyar / Prashant Verma 

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