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Campaign Spotlight: Lucky Me! Emphasizes the Importance of Families Eating Together in Heartwarming Film with Publicis JimenezBasic

Lucky Me Noodles believes in the power of families eating together. For the past eleven years, they have championed this message via the Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga Project (Family Meals Are Important Project), which seeks to educate families on the benefits of family meals and help enable them to find time to eat together.

This year, they wanted to shine a light on the parents and families who find ways to eat together – no matter the time or the place or what food they have to share.


Led by agency Publicis JimenezBasic, the spot is directed by celebrated local director Borgy Torre and features one of the country’s most iconic songs: Panalangin (My Prayer) by Apo Hiking Society.

Monde Marketing Director Melissa Pabustan expresses that this project is very close to the heart of everyone in Lucky Me! It is a spot that celebrates what familial love can do. Monde Marketing Manager Vivien Dizon hopes that this inspires every kind of family to make more time for each other not only this September but all year round.


Client: Monde Nissin

Advertising Agency: Publicis JimenezBasic

Production House: Makina

Director: Borgy Torre

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