Campaign Spotlight: Martell Entices Chinese Drinkers with an Interactive Virtual Restaurant Embedded with Rich Stories by BBH China


Shanghai – Have you ever entered a restaurant and imagined the interesting conversations going on between different groups of people, maybe business associates resolving their disputes or a surprise party organised for a friend?

Martell, the 300-year-old cognac brand owned by Pernod Ricard has rolled out a content hub featuring interactive stories that recreate interesting  scenarios at a restaurant with an aim to establish the brand as the spirit to be enjoyed with Chinese style feasts. 

Developed by BBH China, the content hub titled “Martell Curious Restaurant” has at its centre a virtual restaurant that integrates most of Martell’s content channels, social platforms as well as offline events. (Scan the QR code in the image below to access the site).     

Users are given the freedom to explore a virtual restaurant using the gyroscope in their mobile phones where content is embedded to bring to life the flavours of Martell’s Distinction, Cordon Bleu, and Cordon Bleu Extra products.

By selecting a certain table, they are transported to one of three interactive stories titled “Unexpected Happiness”, “Decision of Friends” and “The Last Meal”.

Each story reveals curious interactions between friends or business associates who find themselves in tense uncomfortable situations and are then brought together by pairing the Martell products with gourmet food. 

For example, one of the stories (“Decision of friends”) shows a meeting of childhood friends who have created a successful start-up and have been approached by a big corporation for a buyout. The central tension whether the friends will agree to sell their startup is explored in this story. 

A series of digital banners and teaser films drive traffic to the digital experience that can be accessed on mobile.

Commenting on the campaign, Tiger Wang, Associate Brand Director of Martell, said: “The objective of this integrated content hub is to drive brand and product preference for Martell in the Chinese dining context. The current experience beautifully builds on the brand idea “Be Curious”and provides us a unique opportunity to connect with our consumers with an experience they will enjoy. The fact that most of our relevant platforms have been integrated within the restaurant makes the experience richer.” 

Arthur Tsang, Chief Creative Officer, BBH China, said: “Martell’s digital experience combines creative storytelling with edgy design and user experience to give our target audience an authentic feel of their journey within the “virtual restaurant”. Right from the moment the door of the restaurant opens until they exit, the navigation and detailing are meant to replicate real life. The visitors can almost feel that they are part of a story.”

The digital campaign launched on 5/27, 2019 will continue as a long-term content hub with new updates posted on a regular basis.


Credit list:

Client: Martell

Business Lead:

Executive Chairman: Arto Hampartsoumian

Managing Partner: Elvis Li

Creative team:

Chief Creative Officer: Arthur Tsang

Creative Director: Justin Leung, Irisy Wang

Associate Creative Director: Tiexin Li

Account team:

Account Director: Eric Wu

Project Director: Murial Ho

Senior Account Manager: Yineng Li

Account Executive: Yeha Kim

Associate Planning Director: Tobias Wacker

Agency Executive Producer: Weisian Li

Creative Technology Director: Neil Nand

Film Production house: Pandemic

Director: Laurent King

Production house Producer: Aywei Wong

Digital Production house: RESN

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