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CAMPAIGN SPOTLIGHT: McDonald’s Reunites Comedic Duo for their Latest Campaign

A classic comedy duo for an equally classic food pair. This is the secret behind McDonald’s latest campaign for their Chicken McDo and World-Famous Fries. The food chain brought Ogie Alcasid and Michael V aka Bitoy to reunite in a funny commercial, Classic Tambalan. Classic Kulitan.

The commercial opens with Alcasid bringing a pack of delivery to Bitoy and muses, “Anong classic Ogie Alcasid love song ang paborito ng Chicken McDo?” When Bitoy responded, Alcasid sings the familiar tune of Sa Kanya but punned chicken into its lyrics.


Bitoy banters that even after two decades, Alcasid is still not funny. To which Alcasid replied that handsome guys find it difficult to perform comedy and taunted that that is the precise reason why Bitoy is funny.

The two’s light-hearted exchange is reminiscent of their years in the Friday night gag show Bubble Gang.

Released on their official Facebook page on January 31, the commercial quickly earned social media engagement from both fans of the comedic tandem and McDonald’s, lauding the reunion and remarking that the commercial brings on nostalgia from their childhood.


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