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Campaign Spotlight: MINI Singapore collaborates with Kinetic Advertising, releases thaumatorpe Angpaos

SINGAPORE – The way people celebrate Chinese New Year in 2021 will no longer be the same. With the pandemic’s social distancing measures and gathering limits still in force, the usual large family reunions are unlikely to take place in the coming festive season.

Amidst this dispiriting outlook, we decided to spread cheer and hope by putting a spin on the traditional Angpaos or red packets given to MINI customers. Branded angpaos (i.e. red packets or envelopes) are common corporate gifts handed out to customers during the Lunar New Year. Symbolising good luck, these red packets will then be filled with money and gifted at family gatherings.

On first glance, the red packets feature festive scenes where people are socially separated on both sides. But the surprise comes when using the thaumatrope technique, the two images would merge together in an optical illusion to bring about a joyful reunion.


Step 1. Take the strings in both hands.
Step 2. Turn the red packet several rounds to twist the strings.
Step 3. Pull both strings outwards, and watch the two images blend together as the red packet spins quickly.

More than a reflection of how the pandemic has changed the way we navigate our different relationships, each Thaumatrope Angpao is a reminder of the most precious gift one can give this Lunar New Year – the gift of togetherness.

1. Catching up with friends over a simple feast is among the many things we took for granted.

2. It has become more important than ever to stay connected with our elders and cherish the moments we have together.

3. Even as we’re urged to stay home, neighbours keep the community spirit alive by supporting one another.

4. The global crisis has put many relationships to the test, especially for couples living apart in different countries.

The Thaumatrope Angpao was created by MINI in collaboration with Kinetic Singapore.

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