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Campaign Spotlight: New Road safety TV, digital and radio campaign created by Serviceplan France with Babel and Madame Bovary 

Paris, France – This Monday, May 11, 2020, marks the first day of de-confinement in France, meaning that road users of all kinds including cars, bikes, scooters and motorbikes, will be able to hit the road again. In a new campaign created by the group of agencies Babel + Madame Bovary + Serviceplan for French government Road Safety organization Sécurité Routière, invites French road users to continue with the behaviors of prudence and solidarity that they have so successfully adopted in the past two months during nation-wide lockdown. 



From May 11 road users will have to relearn how to share the road, find their reflexes, and some will have to discover a new mode of movement. At the wheel, you will have to detach yourself from your cell phone, which has become essential in the past two months. It will also be necessary, despite the joy of reunion, to be careful not to forget speed limits, vigilance and sobriety. To remind the general public of the urgent need to respect traffic rules, the group of agencies Babel + Madame Bovary + Serviceplan has designed and produced a campaign that will be rolled out on television, digital and radio. Running across the campaign is a common message: “During confinement, your compliance with the instructions saved lives; continue on the road”.

Aurélien Bigot and Benjamin Le Coz, both creatives on the campaign commented: “By working on this campaign, we have – in a way – contributed to the overall solidarity effort. The constraints of shooting (or rather of “non-shooting”) due to the containment pushed us to be creative in a different way. We couldn’t have any characters or written scenes, so we choose the format of the “vignette film”, a very demanding exercise in terms of narration.”

The film was created using stock footage.

Client: Sécurité Routière
Agency: Serviceplan + Babel + Madame Bovary
Campaign: “Reclaim the Road Carefully”
Title of films: “Speed of deconfinement”
Campaign launch: 11 May 2020
Media Plan: TF1, France Télévision, M6, general channels TNT and themed channels VOL, national radio.

Formats: TV film 30’’/ digital film 30’’/ Radio spot 30’’
Advertiser Management: David Julliard, Laurence Derrien, Laurence Dudal, Laetitia Moch, Jean-Yves Mathurin
Agency Management: Eric Zajdermann, Pascal Couvry, Stéphane Perrot

Commercial Management: Jeanne Delbard, Anabelle Cornillon
Creative Directors: Daniel Perez and Pascal Couvry
Creatives: Aurélien Bigot, Benjamin Le Coz, Margot Hoffmann, Jean-Paul Gonçalves

TV Producers: Trinity – Frank Willocq, Timothé Rosenberg
Production: Octopus production – Etienne de Nanteuil
Media Agency: Carat (Dentsu Aegis Network)

International Communications Officer, Serviceplan Group: Lee Sharrock

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