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Digital: Viber Launches Group Video Calls, Enabling Large Meetings and Online Classes on the Messaging App

SAN FRANCISCO, USA – Viber, one of the world’s leading apps for free and secure communication, announces that it will soon launch its Group Video Calls feature, enabling group video calls for up to 20 people with unlimited duration. Inspired by the tremendous success of its Group Audio Calls feature, Viber decided to add video to its capabilities, meeting the growing demand for large video calls to replicate face-to-face gatherings, whether with family, friends, or colleagues.

Social distancing and gradual adjustment to the new norm forces people to rethink the way they gather in groups—quite an undertaking considering meeting other human beings is something people do every day, multiple times a day. Whether chefs running cooking classes or yoga instructors training their pupils to master breath cycles, all working groups need a platform on which to meet. With Viber’s Group Video Call feature, they can perform all these functions easily on the Viber app, with possibilities like screen sharing and video broadcasting for both mobile and desktop devices. The Group Video Calls feature is a fitting addition to Viber’s other capabilities, including group chats for up to 250 people and group voice calls for up to 20 people.


To start a Group Video Call a user simply needs to:

  • Tap the new “video” button added to the top of the screen, or simply add more participants to an ongoing video call.
  • Enjoy seeing and talking with friends, family members, or colleagues.

Group Video Calls give the speaker the floor, displaying his or her video for all participants. Users can also choose to pin their or any other participant’s video to their screen during the call, resting assured whoever they choose to pin is only pinned on their screen. Users can mute themselves or disable their video during the call, as well as see if other participants are on mute or their video is turned off.

“We’re excited to enable users to participate in video calls with up to 20 people, and we’re going to expand this further very soon. Viber serves an important purpose to society, now more than ever, in that it enables users to communicate easily ideo discussions will be part of our lives much more than before We decided to launch this feature to bring users another step closer to real, face-to-face meetings when they aren’t an option,” said Ofir Eyal, COO of Viber.

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