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Campaign Spotlight: NIDO and NuWorks explore the tough balancing act of motherhood in new video

MANILA – The struggle of balancing motherhood and responsibilities at work is a reality to modern Filipina moms. According to a study by Nielsen, a significant number Filipina mothers are working and taking on the responsibility of providing for the children, which leaves them with less time at home.

NIDO’s latest online video sheds light on this facet of motherhood. Featuring a single mom in her hectic daily grind, the video tackles how- with enough support- she can transcend the challenges and still give the best love and protection for her child.

Bravely touching on a real context, the video shows how the love for one’s child propels parents to work together. 


“Times and roles in the family may have changed, but we know for sure that a parent’s love remains unconditional. This video just shows how two people, even if they’ve chosen to go separate ways, come together to raise the child they both love,” says NUWORKS’ Creative Director Ryan Rubillar.

The video pays tribute to struggles of working mothers, and it likewise it highlights the importance of shared responsibility over the child, with the the father being an active co-parent.

“We’ve always worked hard to be a partner to moms in helping them provide the best for their children, even in trying times,” says Rob Roque, Consumer Marketing Manager, NIDO Advanced Protectus 3+.

Advocating for love that protects and guided by aspiration to be mom’s number 1 ally in their child’s nutrition and development, NIDO Advanced Protectus 3+ stands firm in its commitment to help empower parents to provide the best for their children’s ever changing needs and in the face of evolving realities. 

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