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Campaign Spotlight: Now’s a good time Krud! The Secret Little Agency celebrates the enduring goodness of Cambodian culture

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA – Bursting with Cambodia’s infectious positivity, The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) launches a brand new beer that celebrates the enduring goodness of Cambodian culture.

In Cambodia, ‘Good’ is everywhere. But what is Krud kinda Good? A Krud Good can be big or small. It happens in the biggest cities and in the smallest villages. In partnership with creative agency (TSLA), Vattanac Brewery (subsidiary of Vattanac Group) has unveiled its very first beer brand in Cambodia: Krud, a proudly Cambodian pilsner brand designed to elevate the domestic drinking market through the high-quality beer that embodies Cambodia’s spirit through and through. A beer fit for all celebrations.

TSLA worked closely with partners in Cambodia and Vattanac’s own team of experts, to develop Krud’s brand purpose and positioning, to bring to life the “Good Time for a Krud” campaign. Inspired by Cambodia’s history and the people’s spirit of unyielding positivity, the campaign reminds everyone that there is so much in life to celebrate; every positive moment, no matter how big or small, is worth celebrating.


“Cambodians celebrate everything. Whether it’s something big like winning the grand prize in a lucky draw, or just getting a single like on your Tik Tok dance, it all deserves a celebration in Cambodia. We wanted to capture the country’s positivity in the campaign, and show that wherever you look, there’s always a good time to celebrate with Krud,” said a spokesperson from TSLA.


The integrated campaign is first launched through a film, portraying a man who witnesses Cambodians from all walks of life, celebrating with a Krud. Accompanied by a series of captivating out-of-home visuals, digital and social activations, the campaign delved deep into Cambodian culture by reminding them that every time something good happens, it’s a good time for a Krud.

Directed by Stink’s Eoin Glaister & filmed by award winning DOP David Foulkes, the spot takes you deep into the celebratory & aesthetic world of KRUD.

“Above everything else, Krud is Cambodian positivity. Lovingly made with premium ingredients from around the world, and state-of-the-art equipment, we’ve bottled up the positivity that Cambodians are known for, for a pilsner that the nation truly deserves – a beer that doesn’t compromise on quality, and still is accessible to all,” said a representative from Vattanac Brewery.

He added, “TSLA took every effort to deeply understand Cambodia’s market and what drives the Cambodian people, from history, to culture, economy and entertainment, to help us develop our brand purpose, positioning and platform. We are excited to partner them to bring Krud to the people of Cambodia.”

Cody Amos, VFX Supervisor at Heckler said: “This was a really funny and well thought out project. Every shot has great characters that jump off the screen! Plus it was all shot super well. All of that just made it a great project to be involved with because we could really add value, and do some fun things that you couldn’t get in camera. I loved the shots where we were upping the ante, to make them more over the top and dramatic. The end result is a really polished, funny film!”

The work is the first of Vattanac Brewery’s partnership with TSLA.

Client: Vattanac
Brand: Krud Beer
Agency: TSLA

Creative Director: Etienne Lesourd
Associate Creative Director: Jonathon Yip
Mother: Cheryl Lee
Nanny: Gabrielle Goh
Senior Producer: Stephenie Lee

Production Company: Stink Films, Shanghai
Director: Eoin Glaister
Managing Director: Desmond Loh
Executive Producer: Brenda Tham
Producer: ​​Veronika Jelsikova
Post Producer: Alicia Tan

Co-Production: Radioaktive film
radioaktive Executive Producer: Sasha Bevko
Producer: Julia Sotnikova
Director of Photography: David Foulkes

Post Production

Editor: Owen O’Sullivan / Marshall Street Editors
MSE Producer: S’J O’Mara

Colorist: Luke Morrison / Electric Theatre Collective
ETC Producer: Alasdair Patrick

VFX / Online: Heckler Singapore
VFX Supervisor: Cody Amos
Executive Producer: Charu Menon
Compositors: Maxence Peillon, Azreena Ahmad, Johnson Lim
3D: Danielle Melianti
Online Artist: Abi Santos

Music composition: Five Missions More
5MM Directors: Abla El-Shanouby, Tom Simpson
Composers: Olivier Bibeau & Daniel Lobel

Sound Design: Aaron Taffel / Rascal Post
Rascal Post Executive Producer: James Beck

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