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Campaign Spotlight: Panenka and Ogilvy Social.Lab inspire football lovers to plant the goals of the future #PlantingGoals

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS — Today, Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam and Panenka, an independent football magazine, launch the tree-planting initiative, Planting Goals.

An equivalent of 3 football pitches of forest is lost every second. This is bad for our planet, but it’s also bad for football fans since they often used trees as goalposts growing up. Panenka and Ogilvy Social.Lab decided to do something about it and combined their love for football with their commitment to sustainability to ensure that every young football player experience nature’s goalpost.

In the April 2022 issue of the Panenka magazine, subscribers will receive a package containing tree seeds. By following the simple instructions, readers will be asked to plant the goals of the future. It is as easy as planting a seed in a hole, taking 7 big steps, and planting a second seed in another hole. The 7 big steps are representative of the distance between the two posts of an actual goal.


World Tree Day
The initiative, coinciding with World Tree Day on the 21st of March, highlights the importance of trees for both human life and the environment.

Through this initiative, we will activate the football community to make the Earth a healthier environment for all. The campaign will start in Spain to coincide with the launch of the magazine and will roll-out globally with the support of ex-football players, influencers, football fans, sports journalists, and environmental activists. The ultimate objective is to plant thousands of goalposts globally.

Àlex López Vendrell from Panenka says: “At Panenka, we believe that everything that transcends soccer is more important than soccer itself. Thanks to soccer’s extraordinary reach and power to excite, it can and should be a tool to achieve a better world. One that is more tolerant, supportive, and respectful of the environment. Therefore, Panenka promotes the ‘Planting Goals’ initiative: so that through soccer we can raise awareness to create a greener and more sustainable planet for the future.”

Creative: Planting goals
Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam tapped into an insight that resonates with anyone who ever played football as a kid: most people have used two trees as goalposts at some point. Panenka uses this insight to encourage all readers to join in on the World Tree Day initiative by planting the trees of the future. Panenka supports initiatives for environmental sustainability and a green and liveable city. Their goal is to use this opportunity to focus attention on the football world’s commitment to a sustainable future in communities and inspire action to further the cause.

Executive Creative Director, Tolga Büyükdoganay says: “At a picnic, or in a park, most of us played football with trees as goalposts. This simple, yet powerful insight allowed us to inspire the football community to plant trees in a way never thought before – by planting goals. It’s an idea that inspires football lovers to help the planet while guaranteeing goals in the future”.

To support World Tree Day, plant the goals of the future, share your content, and support the global #PlantingGoals campaign.


Agency: Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam
ECD: Tolga Büyükdoğanay
Creative Directors: Fede Botella
Diego Lauton De Oliviera
Strategist: Tommy Wigley
Production Company: BeSweet Films
Account Manager: Murray Robertson
Public Relations: Teresa Dos Santos Serra, Anouk Slot, Emma Demes

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