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Campaign Spotlight: Pilsen and Oniria\TBWA celebrates Paraguay independence by bringing its traditional flavors to Paris, the gastronomic capital of the world

PARIS, FRANCE – Food is not innocent. Behind each dish there is a story that seeks to be told. There are flavors and aromas that remind people of where they come from and probably where they are going. That explains why people miss them so much when they are abroad. Food is part of people’s identity; it is who they are.

In this context, Pilsen and Oniria\TBWA presented “Recipes of Our Pride”, an action carried out to commemorate the independence of Paraguay, based on those flavors that unite them and, at the same time, make them unique and independent; an idea that invited all Paraguayans to celebrate such an important day with their traditional flavors.

For this, some of the most representative dishes of popular Paraguayan cuisine were selected to be tasted on the banks of the Seine River, in Paris, an iconic city of gastronomy.



On the morning of May 14, after a strategic alliance with the Passion Guarani restaurant, located at the heart of the French capital, typical meals were offered accompanied by a Pilsen, on a boat located on the Seine River, in front of the tower Eiffel.

The initiative was supported by of the Paraguayan Embassy in France. It brought together more than 200 Paraguayans living in Paris. In addition, references of French gastronomy and local public tasted specialties such as: el chipa de María Ana (one of the most emblematic chiperías in the country), empanadas de carne de Areco (a bar that for more than 50 years maintains the same flavor of their empanadas), the Paraguayan soup of Ña Virginia (a recipe that is shared in the family from generation to generation), the vori vori of Tía Techa (a broth that many say “heals the soul”) and the mbeju 4 cheeses and Ña Eustaquia Mandioca empanada (two typical dishes of Paraguayan gastronomy).

“From Pilsen, as a country brand, we always want to focus on the positive aspects of the country and demonstrate that everything that is done in Paraguay can be of international quality,” said Cecilia Rojas, Brand Manager of Pilsen.

Camilo Guanes, Partner and DGC of Oniria\TBWA added: “We compile recipes and flavors from the most emblematic places in Paraguay and export them to France. Our intention is that Paraguayans living in that country feel a little closer from home and that the locals enjoy what characterizes us so much. Undoubtedly, an action that makes many Paraguayans feel proud of what belongs to them and that made many feels at home.”

All the action carried out for Independence Day was documented in a video case that included the music of the Kitapena group.


Client: Pilsen Paraguay
Campaign: Recipes of our pride
Responsible for the client: Bruno Yuli, Cecilia Rojas, Amhed Buzarkis, Hyrum Espínola.
CCO: Camilo Guanes
CEO: Daniel Achaval
Creative Directors: Paloma Cella, Manuel Rolón, Marcelo Rodríguez
Creative Team: Manuel Rolón y Analía Lovato
Account Director: Gaby Tomé
Account Executive: Inge Müller
Production Director: Pauli Jara
PR: Lena Penner, Ariel Martínez
Film: Barraco Film/Mario Amarilla
Photography: Barraco Film/Mario Amarilla
Media: Nasta

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