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Campaign Spotlight: Pilsen Extra and Grey Argentina have launched a moustache to save the beer

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — According to different studies, at least 1.2 million litres of beer are wasted every year as they get trapped on facial hair, with about 0.56 millilitres getting stuck in the beard per sip. To tackle the issue and save the beer, Pilsen Extra, the AB InBev beer of “pure malt with the perfect level of creaminess”, has created a new moustache style which made the front page of magazines in LATAM.

The beer brewer, along with creative studio Grey Argentina, teamed up with the finest barbers to fashion a special facial hairstyle that leaves clear a very specific area of the upper lip where beer drops tend to accumulate.


“Paraguay is a country crazy for beer, the #1 consumed alcoholic drink nationwide. Pilsen is more than a brand; it is a part of the pop and beer culture with a link to consumers that no other beer in the country has. The “Save The Beer” idea, besides its playfulness, is a statement of the uniqueness and creaminess of Pilsen Extra Pura Malta’s foam: not a single drop should be wasted,” commented Bruno Yuli, Marketing Director at Cervepar (AB InBev).

The campaign kicked off with the best-known anchor and TV presenter, Rubén Rodriguez appearing on air with his nation-famous moustache strangely trimmed, raising all kinds of comments and rumours that ended up on the front page of national newspapers. A couple of days later, the country finally discovered the truth about Rodriguez´s special style and his personal commitment to the against-beer waste crusade held by Pilsen Extra. At this point, all were invited to join the cause and go to the coolest barbershops in town to get the Pilsen Moustache for free. Furthermore, they could head to any of the pubs in town with their newly styled moustache to ask for their complimentary Pilsen Extra to be enjoyed without wasting any drop.

“When we realised that millions of litres of beer were wasted each year in the world, we were shocked and felt that we needed to do something to raise awareness and “Save the Beer”. Neither at the G7, the UN, nor at the G20 is this topic being discussed. It was time for someone to do something, and we thank Pilsen for this,” added Hernán Kritzer and Alejandro Devoto, CCOs of Grey Argentina.

With less than a week of the campaign on-air, social media engagement of people adopting the moustache and claiming their free beers shows that what started with a buzz is now becoming a trend. Converting this beer-loving nation into the first country in the world united to save their beloved drink.

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