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Campaign Spotlight: PLDT and GIGIL put together a surprising Father’s Day tribute

You’ve probably seen all the Father’s Day videos released by Philippine companies by now. Tearjerkers and sappy stories are tried-and-tested formulas, but PLDT and GIGIL had other plans. The resulting Father’s Day tribute video is heartwarming, but with a sneak-up-on-you twist.

During the presentation to PLDT, GIGIL Creative Partner Herbert Hernandez said, “Nagsasawa na rin ang tao ngayon sa malulungkot at nakakaiyak na commercials. Naghahanap na rin sila ng masaya. Na-COVID na lahat eh. Nawalan ng trabaho. Gusto nila maiba naman. Kung lahat ng brands maglalabas ng drama, may opportunity tayo na ibahin ng konti para mag-stand out sa crowd.”

GIGIL Managing Partner Jake Yrastorza also weighed in, “The video was challenging because aside from PLDT being an established family brand, we also had to secure approval from another company. We were extremely lucky that PLDT was supportive of the concept.


“Dear Pa” was launched Saturday, June 20.

See the video on PLDT Home’s Facebook page:

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