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Campaign Spotlight: Quaker Philippines Launches first Digital Heart Health Initative with BBDO Guerrero, “Smart Health Challenge”

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Heart disease is the #1 cause of mortality in the Philippines. It is linked to high cholesterol. Because of busy lifestyles, stress and poor diet choices, those affected are getting younger and younger.

Quaker wanted to communicate that Filipinos can help lower their cholesterol in just 30 days with 2 scoops of oats daily. Working with BBDO Guerrero, the agency launched the Smart Heart Challenge in one of the top apps in the Philippines – Facebook Messenger. With almost 90% of the population on the app, participants could easily register through the chatbot from their mobile phones.

Thousands joined the challenge. One of the first few who completed it was 36-year-old Maricel Galido. She signed up and received a voucher for a free cholesterol check. The very next day she redeemed it at a clinic closest to her home. To her surprise, she had a dangerously high cholesterol level.


Maricel got daily reminders and tips from Quaker’s partner health experts through the chatbot. She also tried the Smart Heart Recipes specially designed by Celebrity Fitness Coach Nadine Tengco.

Freebies and prizes rewarded every step, but the biggest win was a healthier heart. Maricel shared, “I did it for my husband and 2 kids. They were my motivation throughout the challenge.”

The whole effort was supported by the Philippine Society of Nutritionist-Dietitians and the Philippine Heart Association. Partner clinic Hi-Precision Diagnostics VP for Sales and Marketing, Melissa Lee said, “The Quaker Smart Heart Challenge brought heart health back in the conversation. We’re happy to see more people getting their cholesterol tested.”

Registration is still ongoing until March 15, 2020. Challenge participants are expected to finish their 30-day journey on April 30, 2020.

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