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Campaign Spotlight: Satan’s dating life soundtracked by Taylor Swift is all the rewind you need for 2020

MANILA, PHILIPPINES– Ryan Reynolds has dropped a new ad by Maximum Effort productions for dating platform Match. In it is the beginning of the year with “Satan” receiving a notification known all too well by those who has dating apps installed: You’re a match.

Fast-forward to the meet-up, Satan meets its pair who says, “Call me 2020.” The two walk off in a romantic comedy fashion with the sound of Taylor Swift’s Love Story in the background.


The match made in hell goes on to give the viewers a retrospect of the year: an audience-less football field, a closed-down gym, and toilet paper hoarding.

The spot ends with Satan and 2020 overlooking a bridge and expressing it does not want this year to end.

Disclaimer: The publishing of this article does not trivialize the circumstances and those deeply impacted by the events of 2020. 

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