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Campaign Spotlight: “Say It With Mcdonald’s” the unexpected way to create emotions with packaging

BOGOTA, COLUMBIA – “Say it with McDonald’s” is the new multi-market campaign for McDonald’s that was launched in Colombia, hand in hand with DDB Colombia. The campaign will be initially rolled out in multiple markets throughout Latin America seeking to connect with consumers.

The McDonald’s brand is within the top 10 most recognized symbols in the world, and it also has the power to awake people’s positive emotions. This is what motivated us to look beyond, so the brand image would be the campaign’s focal point in order to transmit those “Feel-good moments” lived within family and friends, which are a reflection of the McDonald’s experience in a totally surprising and unexpected way.

The agency came to the conclusion that those good moments generated with McDonald’s could be expressed with its products’ packaging in a unique, fun and less evident way for the consumer. This is why, hand in hand with renowned advertising photographer Ale Burset, the creative team captured that “second right before the next one” in order to build words that would express emotions, moments and situations that instantly connect the people with the brand.


“We couldn’t modify the original packaging. That’s why, inspired by life’s daily moments and its spontaneous imperfections, we looked for the perfect angle that reflected that good moment in a word through a cared-for photography art direction with real scenarios and a casting that reflected current trends and multiculturalism in order to create a campaign that would connect with the consumer from beginning to end”, says John Raul Forero, DDB Colombia’s President and Chief Creative Officer.

Say it with McDonald’s speaks for itself in order to provoke interpretation among spectators and generates a surprise effect when reading Yummy, Crush, Brunch or B-Day. These are some of the photographic executions of a campaign that consumers will see in the restaurants, bus stops and billboards of Latin America’s main cities. The campaign will also be adapted to the brand’s digital channels, and a wide media plan has been considered in order to unexpectedly and smartly show that all good moments are in McDonald’s, like it hasn’t been previously done.

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